No fix for Mass Effect 2 text; issue could have been avoided

ARS: When you're creating a game, what type of display do you aim for when optimizing text? We had readers contacting us to talk about their problems reading the text in Mass Effect 2 and, after we wrote a story about it, many more complained of similar issues in the comments. Bioware called the size and color of the text a design decision, and stressed that users should not to get too excited about the idea of a fix. We now have Bioware's final word: the text is staying the way it is.

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The Meerkat3667d ago

This happened with Dead Rising.

So I bought an HDTV.

A 32inch HDTV is cheaper than a PS3 these days.

Darkstorn3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

HDTVs are a luxury, not a necessity. They should stay as such for those of us who just want to play games without having to buy a big screen.

Ever since MGS4 it's been near impossible to read the text in many games on my 27" sdtv. Not cool, devs.

pcflynn893666d ago

I'm sorry, but HDTV is awesome and is cheap. It's 2010, stop being cheap. If you honestly believe that better visuals don't improve the experience, go buy a Wii.

Forcing devs to develop to the lowest common denominator results in less innovation.

tl;dr: buy an hdtv already.

FantasyStar3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Instead of Bioware being like douches, why don't they just support SD resolutions like most games can do? Your customers bought a game and expect it to work under most conditions, even SDTV. It is a legitimate complaint and Bioware needs to do something about it.

It's not Bioware's prerogative to offer home theater advice. It's to make a game that works for people. And a 14-pg thread on the Bioware forums complaining about illegible text clearly says something.

But whatever, that's lost sales right there. Your customers are complaining about a product they bought and you're giving them the shaft with your "design decision". Don't whine about used-game sales k? Don't whine about piracy k?

Please Bioware, don't be douches like Infinity Ward. The "Design choice" excuse got old since Killzone 2.

nnotdead3666d ago

you bought an HD console, so you should have an HDTV.

PirateThom3666d ago

Exactly, in 2007 I could understand now owning an HDTV, but they're not even expensive anymore.

Why own an HD console if you don't have an HDTV? This isn't snobbery, it's just common sense, devs shouldn't have to pander to SD when making games for consoles marketed as HD.

JonnyBadfinger3666d ago

There is nothing wrong with the games quality... Bioware cant release a patch to upgrade SDTVs into HDTVs. cause that would be magic...not a patch.

If you dont like it, tough luck... save your pocket money, and buy a HDTV, they are worth it. You can find half decent ones for around $500...sure they are smallish but they still exist.

I recommend LEDTVs though, mine kicks some serious arse. 116cm of crystal clear beauty. too bad i dont have a blu-ray player....

Millah3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )


Actually the problem is because Bioware only coded the game for 16:9 aspect ratio, so when it is played on a 4:3 TV you get the black bars on top and the picture crammed to fit into the aspect ratio. Bioware CAN release a simple patch to fix this, pretty sure Rare did for Banjo Kazooie on 360 when people complained of the same thing.

Its not an issue of having to "upgrade sdtvs to hdtvs" its only happening because devs are not outputting the image for 4:3 aspect ratios anymore due to storage limitations. They figure its just not worth wasting the space, and Microsoft actually encourages devs to only output in 16:9. You ever notice how it only happens with certain games? Its not just some magical problem that happens with every single game on SDTVs.

dragunrising3666d ago

Who doesn't have an LCD computer monitor? You can cheaply enjoy HD gaming on the 360 and PS3. You can find a Full HD LCD monitor with HDMI for as low as $250. For those that don't appreciate the visual fidelity offered by an HD display, or are too cheap, buy a Wii and don't complain about small text! :-/

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3sq3667d ago

Haha, it sucks to be a bot.

FishCake9T43667d ago

Im sorry but fanboyz do really mak me laugh. I think the XBOTs will be happy playing their 96 Metacritic score game.

garos823666d ago

i had the same problem with mgs4 on SDTV. thats what made me decide to make the switch. now if you gonna troll at least do so without making yourself look stupid

FishCake9T43667d ago

Lol. This is the only thing gamers have to complain about this game. Alongside MGS4 for me in terms of game of 3rd gen.

glennc3666d ago

this is a big deal if you have a sdtv and as the console supports sd so should the games. this is just dumb arrogance on their behalf and we all know what happens to developers who become too arrogant for their on good.

it is like not offering southpaw in fps. minorities are still paying for their games and then they find out after the purchase they have been shafted once again. it definately stinks of arrogance to me.

duplissi3666d ago

3rd gen? if your refering to the current generation of consoles its the 7th gen actually.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3666d ago

We all know you don't own a PC good enough and you havn't updated Windows yet

PotNoodle3666d ago

You speak as if Mass effect 2 has some crazy requirements, when it doesn't... the game handles absolutely anything i throw at it and the FPS never changes, always locked at 60fps - even when i'm forcing 16x AA (32x samples).

Runs extremely well on PC.

BranWheatKillah3666d ago

I'm always surprised when someone tells me they own a 360 or PS3 and don't have an HDTV. It always makes me think "what's the point?" It's worse when someone asks for an RF Adapter...

UltimateIdiot9113666d ago

Agreed. Even though I don't have an HDTV, I use my monitor to substitute. My roommate and I spent 1 whole semester talking crap (friendly way of course) about my other roommate using his PS3 with an SDTV. He recently got an HDTV and the difference is huge.

FantasyStar3666d ago

I doesn't know about you. But if I only had money to get a PS3/360 or a HDTV. I'm going to get a PS3/360. The HDTV can wait. Regardless, this is a legitimate issue and Bioware are just being assholes right now. Have you tried playing ME2 on an SDTV? It'll worsen your eye-sight.

nnotdead3666d ago

PS3/360 are made to be used with a HDtv not the other way around. if you are not ready to upgrade then dont.

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