PCN Review: Darksiders

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Darksiders is not innovative, nor does it try to be. If Darksiders was a thief, it would be one of the worst variety-the arrogant kind that breaks into your house, steals everything of value, and drops a stack on your living room floor just to be a dick. The game jacks popular mechanics from several critically acclaimed titles and claims them as its own. I'm not talking quick winks and little nods here and there-the game literally pilfers ideas verbatim from other titles. You'll fly dragons Panzer Dragoon-style and portal hop in a very Portal-esque fashion. Even the combat feels eerily reminiscent of God of War. The whole package is wrapped up in an adventure story that draws so much from Zelda, it might even elicit a vocal objection from Link himself.

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gaffyh3666d ago

I'd personally give it a little higher maybe 8.5, but I still love this game despite it's issues. Graphically it isn't amazing, but the gameplay is fantastic, and I'm so glad there is going to be a sequel.

del_the_funky3666d ago

great game. Too easy though, wish the puzzles were a little harder.