GTA Comes Early With Yakuza 3 So Great You'll Walk On Your Hands

Yakuza 3 is one of the Sony Exclusives this year that's going to stand out big time. This GTA style game set in Tokyo, Japan has a deeper story, better graphics, sick gameplay and more.

Enjoy this major interview revealing more details on the game

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PimplePopperMD3662d ago

If you havent played a Yakuza, pick up a PS2 for $99 and get to it. Top notch franchise up there with Shenmue.

ryuzu3662d ago

Getting it for your 360 eh? lol

That video was like licking a battery terminal it made me cringe so much - but at least HHG seems to be enthuisiastic about his gaming and that's something the industry has lost in the last 10 years.

Everyone's a cynic - either way, Yakuza 3 looks pretty cool - I even liked the JP demo despite not understanding what was going on!


PimplePopperMD3662d ago

Yakuza is on such a higher level than the terrible GTA franchise, its almost impossible to fathom. GTA has always had last generation, low quality graphics, gameplay, sound, animation; not to mention Rockstar are lazy, low quality developers that offer no innovation. Its amazing people were satisfied with GTAIV. Not really though, considering how low your standards are. Japanese developers/games will always be superior to the American/English(UK) garbage you easily impressed fools like so much.

Mamajuana3662d ago

I've never played a Yakuza game but heard lots of great things about it. I won't be picking this game up due to the high volume of fantastic games coming out. I'll pick it up sometime in the summer, it does look pretty damm cool.

happy_gilmore3662d ago

i wish yakuza had guns instead of its crappy hand-to-hand combat