Ubisoft head agrees with $599 price point

Everyone within the gaming industry seems to recognize the PS3's power and possibilities, yet cites the hefty $599 price point as far too high despite start-up and manufacturing costs on Sony's end. However, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot thinks the PS3's launch price point was right on the money...

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beast4137d ago

wow you are so new..and old is that ring of death..

AngryHippo4137d ago

Got to say that song made me laugh, i kind of agree in some respects to what its saying but i think sony is on the correct path now and will only continue to get better with the ps3

ARVO4137d ago

Im off to do something with my elite 360 that I can't on my traded in PS3: PLAY GOOD GAMES! have fun!

PSTripleOG4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Your in love with that thing....

RedSeven4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

I took one of your bubbles away because you said please.

VendettaWFT4137d ago

Don't know how thats relative to this topic. But it is clear that someone like you is the reason why people shouldnt inbreed. You can keep the bubs buddy

darkdoom30004137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Im off to do something with my elite 360 that I can't on my traded in PS3: PLAY GOOD GAMES! have fun!""""

The only reason you play good games on your ps3 is because
::A) you didnt buy any good ones for it! dude have you played motor storm?, resistance??, you probally dont like them,...well E3's around the corner!!
::B) you never had a ps3 to play on.

Oh I got a good thing the Xbox360 can do but the PS3 cant::
The Rings Of Death!!!

anyway, on topic, $600 is quite a price tag...but I wouldnt be complaining in New Zealand(<--I live there!!), its $800 USD!! WTF?

go ps3?

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CyberSentinel4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

"Though he did mention a price cut would be optimal for the present time, "[Sony has] sold a machine that is actually expensive to build at the right price for consumers. It's just that if we want more consumers, we'll have to have a price that will make more people come in."

Those Are The Facts, Lemmings.

@3.1: Have you noticed the graphic/performance/online features/slowdown/scores of cross platform games? I elate in informing you that ALL of them look/play/score better on the 360 then the ps3, lemming.

First and second party games can't be evaluated, since there is nothing to cross referenced them to.

Those Are The Facts, Lemming.

@5: Bubble for you sir.

@4: A lemming is someone who will follow a brand, simply because of its brand. Even if that means in doing so, they turn their backs on the purpose in which they loved that brand for in the first place.

Wake Up Lemmings, Sony Cares More About Blu-ray Then Games.

Itachi4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

well i don't care about the price aslong as i wont have to pay for crap looking games like halo 3 and forza 2 i mean there is really no excuse from first party developers to produce sh*t looking games after 2 years of a console release

while ps3 with its future proof hardware will have great and better looking games year after year

BIadestarX4137d ago

Are you talking about Forza 2? And there is really no excuse from PS3 first party developers to produce games that gets the $h!t kicked by a last gen looking games like forza 2 and then expect people to pay $600 to play them. Forza 2 has being on the top charts as a best seller since released... it shows how much people are interested on the alien technology that the PS3 has.... LOL... and once Halo 3 comes out.... do you actually think things are going to be any different?

"while ps3 with its future proof hardware will have great and better looking games year after year" you should be embarrazed... you should record yourself saying that... Sony does not need marketting for people like you... LOL. PS3 has being out for over 6 months... and you fanboys have being saying the samething before the PS3 was released..

When the PS3 comes out it will blow the 360 out of the water...
when resistance comes out.. it will better than any game on the 360...
when PSN comes out it will be better than xbox live...
6 months from now... PS3 games will be better...
1 year from now.. PS3 games will be better...

Dude keep it to yourself.. what make you think we want to hear the same excuses being repeated from every single Sony fanboy... we know .. we know... you don't have to keep repeating it.

Itachi4137d ago

bladestar you are one big ms fanboy and you pretend to be neutral gamer two ps3 launch games are AAA resistance and motorstorm

you keep talking about repeating things being said well you 360 fanboys always keep talking about halo halo and like its the best thing ever enjoy your 1 game as looking at the demo it looks like crap

keep bashing the ps3 its only been out about 8 months come autumn it will trump the 360 with quality first party games

i paid $600 well in the long run you will be paying much more on repairs

well ms dose need your marketing in selling defective xbox360's

RedSeven4137d ago

How are PS3 owners lemmings again?

ImWithStupid4136d ago

it's a proven fact that you only constantly attack that which you perceive as a threat.

why do you think the 360 girls are always alllll over PS3 threads??
cause they love the console soooo much??(deep down inside I think they do and would NEVER admit to loving a product made by those "damn japs")

oh and the one clown up there talking about playing his "elite", what's so "elite" about it?? it's still the same crappy premium design with a black paint job, and HDMI port and a bigger HDD, sure HDMI will actually improve it's graphical output(something the PS3 got right the first time around) but it's still the same crappy physics,bottlenecked framerates and from what I hear it's just as defective as it's little brother.

Have fun "jumping in" to line for customer service...lmao

Bloodmask4137d ago

What's with all the hate. Just jump in PS3 fanboys. Sony sold you a $600 Blu ray player. Not a games system. Its a well known fact now that 360 gets the games out faster and gets the better version of multiplatform games, even if they use the PS3 as their lead platform.

Virtua fighter 5 holds the most recent trophy for this accomplishment. All this waiting. I remember the same rediculous claims made bout the PS2. "Toy Story quality" visuals. Sony has a long history of over promising and underdelivering. Don't be afraid, just jump in.

RedSeven4137d ago

Yeah but is it ok to like the blu-ray player and the little exclusives we have? I like Sony's first party games. I just don't understand why that would be considered a bad thing if someone just genuinely enjoys the PS3 package...:-\

VendettaWFT4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

You constantly come into these topic forums and just berate the PS3 to no end like the you have a personal vendetta against Sony. What, did Ken Kutaragi and Phil Harrison come in one night, beat the sh!t outta you and rape your girlfriend, seriously. It's not like the PS3 has no games coming out for it, they didn't suddenly say "oh great we took $600 dollars away from 3.5 million people, sweet, now lets get off this ship". Yah Sony might have overpromised a few things and set a high price tag, but its not like they packaged a 60 HDD next to a pile of crape. There are some dec. games coming for it, it just sucks for PS3 owners that they gotta wait. As a fellow 360 owner and ADULT, it's pretty pathetic to watch you act that way

Valik214137d ago

You are very boring getting ALWAYS the story of the blu ray player, you always speak only about this aspect, take off your "bloodmask" from your eyes and try to see the real things. 360 as the ps3 has it's problems but you don't see them. Blu ray is a gamble for Sony but is normal for companies to risk sometimes(and actually BD is winning) but the ps3 WAS NOT MADE O N L Y FOR BLU RAY like you every time said, it was made for gaming as the main reason and after this for many other multimedial options and BD is one of these, like DVD was for PS2. Sony made many mistakes but i trust it when it comes to games, i was happy with the ps1 and even more with the ps2, it's only because blind people like you that it get's only bad press and comments, and i trust it even more if compared to Microsoft, a dominant Micro in game market will be like the dominant Windows wich became crap, costs a lot (vista ultimate is 600 eur, like the ps3) and needs always some upgreid or antivirus and pay this and pay that, this is the philosophy of the micro, to make you pay more possible for nothing really good or complete. Look at the Live and at msrp point system, and at the many add ons that you have to buy to have an equal to the ps3, and the 360 with all these costs much more than 599. Also the quality of the 360 is very low, it has good hardware but is build in a crap manner it breaks to easy and too many times. I personally think that 360 is a good console, with good games, but the worst thing that it has is...Microsoft and their politics about games and software.

Sevir044137d ago

your right. Sony Sold me a 600 dollar blue ray player... but thats an added feature. it's a next gen movie player. i can live with that, new tech cost more.. while the xbox 360 is a good machine and has some good games. it's still last gen. i mean look at it.. you were sold a defective 400 dollar overpriced DVD player... not even one that functions well. you are happy with your 360 i'm happy with my ps3. i know the quality i'm getting. and i'm sorry if i respectfully disagree with you but i think i speak for most of the ps3 gamers here but we aren't exactly convinced on the 360 just yet. i'm sure that when a game comes out on the 360 that screams OMG i need and must own a 360 for that game we probably do that but as of now there aint a game that justifies Me or most of us here to plunk down 400 dollars on an overpriced "DVD player" if you want to put it in the terms of that. if anything we'll prolly just play those games on our friends xbox 360, or on our pc.

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