"No Frickin Games!" The new PS3 Song

Remember the "Rings of Fire" song for 360? This one is for PS3's lack of games from Sarcastic Gamer.

"Flame suit? Check.
Email filter? Check.
Thick Skin? Check.
Singing Skills?.... Singing Skills?..... Oh Crap!"

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MADGameR4136d ago

I think this is the best way to express fanboyism. I laugh at the person who made this song. PATHETIC!

MK_Red4136d ago

Since the song about 360 "Rings of Fire" was posted, justice requires one for PS3. And this is just for fun. Remember, its Sarcastic gamer.

THAMMER14136d ago

I thought red rings was great. I love these songs. I wish Wierd AL would get into the mix.

beast4136d ago

The site is losing all its credibility.

OldSchoolGamer4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

you have to laugh at it. This site has no credibility! I mean my god how can a gaming news site have 10 new stories a day about HDDVD and Blu-Ray! That is not gaming news in any way shape or form. The red rings song gets approved and so should this. This was actually very funny, but my god that guy needs voice lessons! Still wasn't as funny as:

VendettaWFT4136d ago

how that song achieved 1.6 million views on youtube...wasn't even that funny

THAMMER14136d ago

I can not hear the song at work. [email protected]!!

beast4136d ago

Not really...i dont mind people making up songs when they have enough time especially since there console is waiting the coffin

LeShin4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

lol not really bothered either, since the "rings of fire" song relates to faulty hardware which I think is alot worse than this PS3 song which relates to software......which is coming soon. Besides, I thought the first PS3 song that did the rounds on the net was funnier....and I actually own a PS3 (I can have a sense of humor as well as having a good console :))

Here's a few questions, let's see if I get any intelligent answers: How many games is "enough"? I only ask because I have 6 PS3 games and thats enough already for me to get through as I still haven't finished all of them, I have a job, other interests and a girlfriend. Never understood all this commotion about their not being enough games out, I think there's about 50 so far or more. Does evey person who complains that there isn't enough games have 50 Xbox or PS3 games at their house? Do they have a social life? Correct me if I'm wrong, but how many games are there for the Wii? Or better still, how many games were out for the XBox 360 when if came out using the same time frame?
I await answers from intelligent people....

THAMMER14136d ago

Fight Night round 3



Madden 06

Dead or Alive 4

Condemed Criminal origins

Full Auto

NBA 2k7 and LIVE

Street fighter 2


Tiger Woods 2006

Battle feild 2

Pefect Dark 0

The outfit

Rock Star table tennis

Getting read for >Prey<

Need for speed most wanted


Quake 4

And more... But the point is what games. the 360 has the most AAA exclusive that are truly anticipated not just schedualed.

LeShin4136d ago

....fair enough, but like I stated above, I could/would never dedicate the time it would take to play all of these games and finish them in the space of 2-3 months. (which is when I got my PS3 in the UK when it came out) how do you honestly find the time? Besides you mentioned 19 games, to my knowledge there were about 30 games at launch, and more now. So, whats the big deal? THere wasn't hundreds of games out for the XBox in the same time frame.
As for the AAA titles, I reckon thats a matter of opinion. I loved Halo 1, didn't like Halo 2 and don't know about Halo 3 as it's not out. I love Resistance:FOM and I like Motorstorm. The only AAA exclusive that the 360 is getting that I actually think looks brilliant is Bioshock, but I reckon I'll just pick it up for the my PC since it seems powerful enough to run it.
Lastly, speaking of AAA games, I'm sorry to tell you this but it seems that Sony has a lot of exclusives that are coming out within this year.
Correct me, if you have an answer to this but did the Xbox 360 have a lot of AAA games come out in it's first year?

Rythrine4136d ago

I understand your situation man because I have the same one. The only difference is you have a job and I go to college ,but other interests and gf, very similar. I have to agree that the PS3 don't have games right now but I had the same situation with my PS2. It's ok for me because like you, I don't have a lot of time in my hands to play games all day. I don't know how I'll be able to handle and afford the barrage of games for ps3 this fall but as always, I learned to be patient because I know they're coming. The question is when they arrive, will I be able to handle them? lolz.

achira4136d ago

thehammer1 i would be ashamed to list this crappy games, there are only 2 exclusives, which suck very bad, for example perfect dark. other games were also on the pc. come on this list is a joke.

THAMMER14135d ago

I would be embarrassed to be you.

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AngryHippo4136d ago

why are you taking it so personally, seriously...take a deep breath, its wasn't meant to be a personal insult, so don't try and cover up the fact that you are hurt that a song was made about your child, the ps3, and covering it up with a stupid comment about 'there console is waiting the coffin'. I think it does bother you otherwise you wouldn't post a reply to it, if you are not going to say anythin remotely interesting don't say anything, it saves people that want to read an interesting debate from remotely inteligent people having to read through retarded tit for tat remarks from fans of both sony and microsoft, just grow up.

beast4136d ago

I guess by your logic it bother you to reply to my "Coffin " post..look at yourself before pointing at others

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