Champions Online Expansion Now Free

Cryptic Studios has announced that 'Revelation' its upcoming expansion for Champions Online, previously known as Vibora Bay, will now be free to its subscribers.

This U-turn follows Cryptic's earlier announcement that the expansion would be premium content.

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Maticus3667d ago

This is a "sorry" for that patch, I know it.

Malfurion3667d ago

Yeah but Cryptic was only trying to get a fix out quick. Can't blame them.

They learned a hard lesson though.

Fyzzu3667d ago

Better than most, who would release the patch, make a vague apology, and then never mention it again while keeping this costly.

Leord3667d ago

I think it's really nice they do it, though!

Fyzzu3667d ago

Nice. No complaints about free content from me.

Leord3667d ago

Well, I do think it matters it should be a good quality addition to be worth it.

If it's useless, it doesn't help much that it's free :P

Recka3667d ago

As much as I don't play it, it's good to see what they're willing to do if they make a mistake. Shows great customer support imo

DeepThought3667d ago

That's like back in the day when return to castle wolfenstein had a free expansion. it was pretty fun but didnt last long...