Bioshock 2: Choose Your Own Framerate Right From the Menu


"Bucking the recent trend of letting you know about interesting tidbits for the week's games, I've found another one for Bioshock 2 today.

Apparently, there's an option in the main menu to alter the game's framerate which reads:

Unlock Framerate - 'On' Maximizes framerate but may degrade visual quality."

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ActionBastard3663d ago

PS3 version of the original (not sure about the 360) had this too.

El_Colombiano3663d ago

Does this simply take off vsync or does it lower the textures and maybe even resolution to achieve 60 frames per second?

Both PS3 and 360 had this option.

groverfett3663d ago

The first Bioshock also had this option. you don't get to "choose" the framerate, you can just lock it to 60fps or unlock it.

El_Colombiano3663d ago

No no Bioshock was maxed it at 30 and unlocking it via options menu made it variable from 30 to 60 frames per second.

Blow Out Your Brains3663d ago

Yea, except in the first one if you turned it on the 360 version was riddled with screen tearing.

groverfett3663d ago

The screen still tears. I notice it on my 60hz set, but not really on my 120hz set. The tearing is still very much there but definitely not as much as it was in the first game.

Blow Out Your Brains3663d ago

No screen tearing whatsoever on PS3. I have completed the game and had none.