Gamefly Charts: Bioshock 2 Knocks off Mass Effect 2

"For the week of February 10, 2010, Bioshock 2 knocks off Mass Effect 2 from the top of the cross-platform Gamefly 'Most Queued' list. MAG tops the PS3 list, while New Super Mario Bros. remains on top for the Nintendo Wii.

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested lists:"

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Nu-Magician3663d ago

bioshock 1 must have made a better impact compared to mass effect 1 huh

ryuzu3663d ago

360 owners prefer FPSs to TPSs. Given ME2 is a TPS it's no surprise it's already sinking and with no MP what is there to keep people playing?

I'd like to say that ME2 a good game being unfairly dumped, but personally I think it's overrated. Enjoy the descent ME2 - and send ME3 up as an RPG rather than a clunky TPS, kthxbai.


drdistracto7073663d ago

the title is sort of misleading