THQ reveal Metro 2033 Xbox 360 Achievements

The Lost Gamer writes: "If killing librarians, broadcasting messages, destroying Fascists' Panzer's or disarming wire traps is your cup of tea… then it would seem that THQ's upcoming Metro 2033 title is right up your street."

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Mildrop3664d ago

Can't wait, Communists, Nazi's and Mutants

lelo2play3664d ago

From the videos i have seen, looks pretty good.

JsonHenry3664d ago

If this game is even half as good as STALKER series I will be happy. However I will be getting this for the PC and not the 360.

peeps3664d ago

completely differnt tbh. stalker is open world with rpg elements. metro 2033 is a linear shooter.

only the settings are similar, altho even then u spend most of the game in the metro in metro lol

JsonHenry3664d ago

I was under the impression it was "open world" similar to the way Stalker was? Trading for supplies (bullets are used as currency not just shooting) side missions and things like that?

plb3664d ago

I'll be picking this up first day depending on how reviews turn out..the gameplay itself looks very good from what I've seen, but then again so did aliens vs predator and the demo is rubbish.

lowcarb3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

This game really came out of nowhere. The graphics and immersion level really seem to be on a different level. Hopefully the gameplay is good.

edit: WOW, I'm already getting disagrees from people that just can't except the fact the bar has been raised on a 360. lol

Shaman3664d ago

Mate,Metro 2033 marks the end of 360 is maxed out with gears 2,its typical reaction from fanboys.

Now they feel like women feel in menopause,you know a bit tense :)
It will pass and Crysis 2 will bring the peace to gaming world as far as which console is less OUTDATED not more powerful ;)

Montrealien3664d ago

I have to ask Shaman, how do you know what a woman feels like during menapause.

and last I checked the PS2 was outdated technicaly when compared to the xbox. Why did the PS2 still become the best selling console of all time?

Shaman3664d ago

Hmmm...its medical documented not saying which console sold most but rather 360 is proving its no slouch like sony fanboys claim it to be.

mrv3213664d ago

I have a distaste for the word Nazi it's just lazy enemy generation. We all know the Nazi's are bad and the developers don't have you set them up. But with fascist the case CAN be different and I expect them to do something to set them up as the bad guy.

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