829 Million Pieces Of Content Downloaded On PSN

CC: Director of hardware marketing for SCEA, John Koller has revealed that 829 million pieces of content have been downloaded off the PlayStation Network.

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movements3226d ago

PSN is but on par with Live now.... Or almost there.

mjolliffe3226d ago

Love both networks, I download more from PSN, but LIVE is more of a community...

ryuzu3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

If I lived in that community I'd want a panic room....

Still PSN is a nice full featured environment and the price is right ;)

It's amazing to see lag free 256 player dom games on MAG with no additional charges!

Really, that is what should be the norm, now - paying MS for a service other platforms provide as part of the hardware/software costs is simply bizarre.

I guess while MS can get away with it they will - but as a minimum you should demand lag free gaming on live for the money you pay. I don't accept it even on PSN and PC and those online elements are not subscription based...


zeeshan3225d ago

Amazing! That's a lot of downloads man. Glad to be a part of it :)

FamilyGuy3225d ago

This is ALL downloads right, not just purchased but free stuff like demos too? I know i'm an above average downloader but yeah. I wonder how many months they are off from breaking the billion mark and if Sony will throw us a party or have an online sale or something for that occasion.

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Karooo3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

cross chat and cross invites really help. hope psn premuim is good.

ELite_Ghost3226d ago

i personally have at least 25 downloads so those numbers are reasonable...

Baba19063226d ago

i must have dl aorund 100 things from the psn. store including free stuff. lol

Forbidden_Darkness3225d ago

Ive DL'd 349 things so far, just check your DL list on PSn and it'll tell you

ELite_Ghost3225d ago

oh wow i'm an idiot! LOL I thought it was the number of purchases...

kidnplay3225d ago

Wow, certainly impressive numbers. PSN has certainly grown since the small-time days of initial release (which I remember clearly). Good on Sony :)

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