Go! Gaming Giant: Interview With Strawdog Studios

Go! Gaming Giant was recently given a chance to ask Strawdog Studios a few questions about their company and their upcoming release Space Ark. Strawdog discusses some of the inspiration behind Space Ark and even hints at a couple of possible future projects.

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Murgatroyd73659d ago

Space Ark can't come soon enough. When it comes to casual games, this is probably the one I am most excited for this year.

omicron0093659d ago

im excited for it also, looks fun.

Murgatroyd73659d ago

I've been following this ever since it was announced, so I'm really looking forward to it. Definitely a release-day purchase for me.

thegreatest78843659d ago

I haven't heard of it, but I looked into it just now and it looks interesting. These guys look like they have some talent. Nice interview.

RaymondM3657d ago

hmmm interesting. Very interesting stuff, I'm looking forward to this one now. Although I admit that Space ark has not been on my radar or anything

Strawdogs3651d ago

We just got a even more excited here at Strawdog HQ. The programmers just pressed a button and all the text in the game turned Japanese.

Yea OK I know that isn't of great interest to those N4Gers who speak English (like wot I do) - but for us developers it is a tingle inducing moment.