EA Sports Boss Excited About Natal, Looking Into 3D Gaming

CC: EA Sports boss Peter Moore has revealed he is excited about Project Natal for the Xbox 360, and that the developers are looking into the possibility of utilizing 3D in future titles.

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kevco333659d ago

No surprises there then...

mjolliffe3659d ago

Ronaldinho's 3D teeth coming at me? No thank you.

vhero3658d ago

Indeed Peter Moore Ex Head of Xbox Marketing loves Xboxs new toy? Who would have believed it??

catguykyou3658d ago

Peter has had plenty of criticism to throw at Microsoft. He is not on their pay anymore, why would he unjustly represent anyone but EA at this time? Normally when people leave a job, they hate that company after.

catguykyou3658d ago

Personally I don't think Natal will succeed unless they use it in new ways not seen on the Wii or with the PS Wand.

PirateThom3658d ago

Peter Moore didn't leave Microsoft on bad terms though, he left because of his family.

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movements3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I've always believed sports games and motion controllers mesh well.

OGharryjoysticks3658d ago

Ultimately I would guess EA Sports will have the best luck with a cardio fitness game on Natal instead of actual sports unless they plan on making the sport games so easy that targeting isn't an issue and at that point they become more like a music game where it's only about timing.

gameseveryday3658d ago

is the PS3 only the 3D capable console? what other consoles have this feature?

Pacificador3658d ago

I don't like natal...too imprecise and delay response.

catguykyou3658d ago

OH MAN! You got to play one? Hold that judgment until you do. They have had many reports now from different non Microsoft developers/ journalist who say that the lag is not there in the latest builds of the unit. As far as precision, I know as much as you do. Nothing but what we have seen in videos.

kidnplay3658d ago

Personally I'm really looking forward to 3D gaming, though I don't think it's the huge game-changer which everyone is making it out to be.

catguykyou3658d ago

I don't think 3D home anything will take off until they don't require you to wear glasses.

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