Battlefield "a better online game" than Modern Warfare 2

CVG: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 could be the game to pull FPS addicts away from Modern Warfare 2, reckons PSM3 magazine.

In the hands-on preview in its new issue, PSM3 reports that Bad Company 2, "...feels more spontaneous and varied than your average shooter," attributing praise to the abilities and roles for the character classes in the game.

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Dutch Boogie3666d ago

I can definitely vouch for this statement. The Bad Company 2 multi beta has kept me more interested than MW2 and mind you this is only a demo. I can't wait for the full game.

darkmurder3666d ago

You just gotta ask sometimes, its sort of implied that this is better and anyone who thinks otherwise is either a cod fanboy or has never played battlefield.

Redempteur3666d ago

The beta was great .. also the fact that the game is flexible (on the maps ) and great looking did help .

At least it's not a glitch fest

TheDudeAbides3666d ago

so far so good, I think it's better than MW2, vehicles are awesome, love pwning ppl with UAVs, driving tank with a friend, using mounted guns, etc :))))

team play ftw, every stage can be won/defended pretty easy

orange-skittle3666d ago

I love the Battlefield Demo. I cannot stop playing even though it maxes you out at Rank 2 and few weapons. I have played the beta and I know what is yet to come. For those that don't know...there's PERKS and weapon customization just like MW2. You will be able to add attributes to your classes and upgrade weapons as you rank up. Calling in mortar strikes, carrying more ammo/grenades, getting better scopes as well as red dot lasers for weapons are the tip of the iceberg. The game is amazing. Wait until you see the finished product, you will be blown away in this engrossing war game. I love the fact that focuses on team tactics then rogue solider play. A team of snipers cant win a battle since they never rush and a medic can't gain ground even though he has a light machine gun w/o an engineer to repair or demolish tanks.

camachoreloaded88063665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Just the fact that they keep comparing future shooters to MW2 is enough to prove the dominance of the Call of Duty franchise.

"this shooter will beat mw2"

"this shooter will be better than mw2"

"mw2 is going to be outdone by this shooter"

SERIOUSLY. This only shows that MW2 is the game to beat. The game that is the standard.

W-k3665d ago

@ camachoreloaded8806 what would you compare it to then ?..really cod is the dominate shooter on the market,competition among devs is great if one is always out doing the other there going to have to keep uping there game its only going to be a win for us all.
i love bfbc2 i was playing the demo for most of the morning and i got a lot of kills about 51 kills and 28 deaths in one match all i was doing was using different classes trying to unlock guns and with a lot of recon,the helis are still hard as hell to fly, i keep crashing but I'm starting to get the hang of it,and im so glad they put the r2 and l2 buttons back for the driving i hated they way they had the tanks in the beta really happy to see that fixed.

Nikuma3665d ago

Why do we need articles that state the obvious all the time?

WildArmed3665d ago

Loving BFBC2..
unfortunately, WKC has made me put down all the FPS games for abit.
Depending how long I am addicted to WKC, I might skip over battlefield for GoW3 and FF13.

Yes sorry.. I am a BIG Jrpg fan :)
(loved ME2 too though! I wuvs Wrpgs too.. I just gotta go finish up Me2 b4 march arrives)

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Major_Tom3666d ago

Some one likes bad games

Dutch Boogie3666d ago

Someone appreciates lag and lazy devs.

toaster3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

@ Chuck Norris KING

lol Keep telling yourself that buddy.

MW2 killer for the mother effin win.

bjornbear3666d ago

if you prefer MW2, thats nice

but imo, BF:BC2 does everything MW2 does...but bigger better and bolder =D

ballsofsteel3666d ago

jeez whats with all of you? can't a guy have an opinion? just cause he think MW2 is better doesn't make him crazy. I think BFBC2 can be better than MW2 but that doesn't make it fact

SL1M DADDY3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

If Modern Warfare 2 is so bad, then why is it that millions upon millions purchased it and millions play it online? It seems interesting how N4G has become an echo chamber about how bad MW2 is but you ask anybody outside of this site and they love the experience they have in MW2. If it is so bad, then why is it so popular?

On the flip side, if BF: BC was so good, then why did it not sell as well as COD4? Are we to expect the same sales for BF: BC2?

Bubbles to those who actually answer my question.

mastiffchild3666d ago

Way to miss the whole point. When COD4 landed it was a breath of fresh air. It did new things in both SP and MP and as they didn't kniow it would blow up sales wise as it did it was easy to forgive the lack of dedicated servers at the time. The core game is still a good one, no doubt, but the fact they haven't moved to dedicated servers is killing their game and the reason they get away with it is because so few gamers get to use them on Live and don't know of the advantages.

What also makes MW2 such an easy target is that Acti have put out the same basic game online for the last three years, didn't beta test this trime nd the game's a massive pile of glitches and bugs and , now, failed patches too! If you want to put the price up, cut features on some paltforms and not QA your game expect some moaning, no? Since when did the majority ever know what was best anyway? Mainstream people only buy what they know-and they do it by brand regardless of anything new being better. You think the number of number one singles is a guide to the best musicians I suppose?

No, BFBC2 has made massive strides to compete with MW2 and , in the yes of many who bothered looking, is a better game. That MW2 has failed to improve upon what it did before AND slipped into the land of bug is what's up with it and allied to the arrogance they displayed it's little wonder some look for another game, is it? Noone ever said MW2 wasn't enjoyable but it does have massive issues.

BeaArthur3665d ago

Ultra Gamer....hilarious, bubbles for you.

As far as Chuck Norris goes up there, I'm not going to tell him what he does and does not like. However I do find it interesting that he doesn't actually have an argument, all he can say is no.

For me the 1 map and 1 game mode that BC2 demo offers is far more enjoyable than the entire MW2 online experience.

SL1M DADDY3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

The crux of the issue is this, more sales for an online heavy game makes for lasting appeal and a lasting online experience. In the end, what will make me a believer is seeing all of you run out and buy BF:BC2 in support and show it too can sell 14 million copies and have the same lasting appeal that MW2 has. If the games were not so online-centric then I might have bought what you said but it is a shallow argument in terms of lasting appeal when the sales of BF:BC were not even close to COD4.

Oh, and yes, the majority is a better judge at what is good and what is not. To even think that the minority knows more about what is good or not than the majority seems like an elitist point of view. Your opinion is not enough to convince the millions away from a game like MW2 and being int he minority of those trying to say MW2 is a bad game only makes your opinion that much smaller against the whole scope of the topic.

Thanks for your honest opinion. Have a bubble.

corneliuscrust3665d ago

"Just Dance" was No.1 on the UK charts. Millions of people CAN BE and ARE complete morons who buy anything..

Now I'm not saying people "who still find a way to sit through MW2 multiplayer whilst hopping from server to server in desperate hopes that they will find a match with no cheaters" are COMPLETE MORONS... but it does stand to reason.

SL1M DADDY3665d ago

You call millions of people who buy something they like, morons. Then you expect me to take you seriously knowing that yo yourself do in fact buy things you like as well. What does that make you? Does what you like make you a better person that they that bought a song you hate? No, it makes them different but it sure as heck does not make them morons.

In short, your opinion does not make another person less of a person but only shows a difference in what each of you like.

Setekh3665d ago

Happy with your glitch infested MW2 are you?
Enjoy your deluge of disagrees.

WildArmed3665d ago

Well, honestly I dont think Battlefield MP has ever been that good.

I hated.. HATED.. BFBC1 Mp.. it was just horrible. I am not even going to start on it.

CoD4 brought great stuff to the MP table. I played that game for God knows how many months. Newb friendly kills, great maps, lots of weapons.. i think that's the first FPS game I got extremely addicted to play online.
(ok second, i used to play custom matches on R1 with 1 hit kill enabled.. yes I sucked D:)

Now BFBC2 picked up on the CoD4-ish game play and made it a lot better. I'm not saying it's original, but its a lot better.

Mw2 was ruined for me with it being too newb friendly.. and ofc the lack of quality assurance. Maybe I'll play it in '11 when everything is fixed. CoD4 was plagued with the lack of support from IW.

BFBC2 brought back the CoD4 factor w/o the camping and kill streaks (which were extremely cool until they went overboard in Mw2).
I love blowing up building when someone is camping there, spotting is great.

Ofc it's a matter of preference. BC2 is a lot more team based, 1 man cannot beat Rush mode alone. While in CoD4/mw2, it can be 1 vs 16 and the 1 guy can win. I think that's one of the factors why people are attracted to CoD4. Play for yourself, not ur teammates... kinda.
I havn't really bought a FPS game since Feb 09.. I rent the rest/borrowed for a few days, nothing really clicked to me like CoD4.. until the BFBC2 beta.

Plus, CoD is a bigger beast franchise than BF imo. So the sales tend to fall in that direction.
Kinda like comparing Halo franchise to unreal Tournament.. both have been here for very long, but one of them is the 'beast'.

corneliuscrust3665d ago

You speak as though "millions of people can't be wrong" yet they can be. and often are.

My opinion of who is and who isnt a moron aside, just because lots of people bought something doesnt make it great. It means they have their own opinions and affinities. That's awesome. But it doesn't mean anyone should like something just because it is popular. That's all I was saying.

jessupj3665d ago

You think those millions of soccer mums are buying all those wii fits because it's an awesome quality product. History tells us most people are blindless zombie sheep that need other people to tell them what they like and don't like.

SL1M DADDY3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I speak of others as having differing opinions and your opinion being that which is not the same as the majority does not make the others opinion wrong. You as with so many others call people idiots because they do think like you but I thank God we live on a planet where people can have differing points of view. If we did not then it would be robotic and sheep like. Sorry, but you are starting to sound a bit too one track minded for this discussion to continue. Oh wait, you have no more bubbles...

@ jessupj

You sir are reading the wrong history books and from the look of it, improper grammar books as well. Socialism and Marxist-Leninism is not the best way to go when you wish to succeed in the world. Now that is something the history books HAVE shown us.

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chak_3666d ago

who gives a sh1t.

I mean I boycott MW2, I'm not going to shout on every roof how BC2 is so uber great.

Play the one you prefer and stop trying to convince people your taste is better than theirs.

Ultra Gamer3665d ago

the thing is that all my friends are obsessed with MW2 and they don't play anything else. I want to get them to try something new. I would be disappointed if when BC2 comes out none of my friends join me so we can work together as a squad. :(

corneliuscrust3665d ago

the Modern Warfare Blinders... they cant see anything outside of their corridor shooter scope

WildArmed3665d ago

if you dont tell your friend to try honey mustard, he may never try it..
and he may never know how much he loves it.

People influence each other, thats the way it is.

I hated Lost planet at first, but then I went out and bought a 360 for it. Loved the MP.... good times ;)

jujulolo3666d ago

I haven't see any significant differences between BFBC2 and BFBC.
The level of destruction is a little more developed, but to a point that it's nearly ridiculous (its funy when you see a building totaly destroyed, replaced by a ten feet deep hole with an untouched box at the bottom).
And the graphic (specifically the vegetaiton) are horrid...
I enjoyed the first, but i'll pass on this one.

taliesin3666d ago

you may be right about the vegitation being a bit naff, but its a pre code build so i will reserve my opinion for the release version. Graphics aside the online experience offered by the demo is very adictive.

ps12&3lover3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

i have had more fun on this demo then i ever did on mw2..bfbc2 is fun not frustrating...and the only campers in bfbc2 are the snipers who have the right to do so....nobody is camping with a knife like mw2..

this game has explosions and vehicles which leaves mw2 in the play is so much more diverse..

sad thing is it wont sell like mw2 and people will be too scared to say its better..everyone is a follower now-a-days...anyway ill be gladly trading in mw2 for bfbc2 when it comes out..