Epic: Mobiles will soon match console power

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein believes that mobile devices will be comparable with home consoles such as PS3 and 360 "within a few short years".

Speaking to Develop, Rein offered high praise for Tegra 2 – Nvidia's latest system-on-a-chip for mobile devices – suggesting it would fit well with the Unreal Engine 3.

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velcry3664d ago

It's not like handhelds are the only ones improving! Home consoles do not stand still, they are being improved on at the same time.

I think what is more reasonable to expect is that next-gen handhelds can match current-gen home consoles, but next-gen handhelds can never match next-gen consoles.

JackBNimble3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

In a few short years handhelds maybe "some what" comparable(I'd like to see a hand held handle any current gen console game) to the 360 or PS3 .But in a few short years we will be on the next gen as you said and hand helds will still be behind the current console tech for it's time.

darkmurder3664d ago

Soon the tech will probably catch up or be comparable at least but until you get a control set down for it it'll be pointless. Add in the iPhone is killing the market by offering games for 99c so profits will be nonexistant for developers if they put in a lot of effort.

hay3663d ago

@velcry: If you'd read at least the description you'd know it's what he said, not think.

IdleLeeSiuLung3663d ago

"If current trends continue then in a few short years we’ll see mobile devices that are easily as powerful as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on a per-pixel basis and soon even beyond that.”

The key that was left out is "per-pixel basis". So yes, it is possible considering the amazing power of tegra.

Sitdown3663d ago

Did you even read the summary? In your first paragraph you disagree/misinterpret what he said...and then in your second paragraph, turn around and make his exact point.

travelguy2k3663d ago

that "Phones" will be the device to achieve these graphics. I don't think they will match PS3/360 graphics for at least 5 more years. But i think it will happen to phones before dedicated handhelds because people spend more money on phone $400 + where as no one would spend that on a portable gaming device, no matter how powerful it was.

LesterCorncrake3663d ago

Pointless article, i will always want to GAME on a Playstation console on a HD tv and not some stupid mobile phone.

OmegaKulu3663d ago

This is not gona happen until batteries can provide twice as much power and last 5x as long as the current mobile batteries does.

ProjectVulcan3663d ago

I find it amusing that Epic games managed to get unreal engine 3 running on a device like tegra 2, but decide it wont work on wii...

Epic clearly just dont like wii lol

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bunfighterii3664d ago

just like PSP is (nearly) a little PS2, go figure...

galgor3664d ago

exactly what I was gonna say. PS2 released in 2000, PSP released in 2004. A handheld with the power of the PS3/360 should be right around the corner.

DeepInterludium3663d ago

It's funny because Epic can barely match the PSP with their Tegra 2:

Nvidia won't be matching PS3 anytime soon. Have to come from PSP2. There is just not much of a reason to spend so much on a graphics processor that is just going to be used in MP3 players and phones.

sikbeta3663d ago

Well, The SATIO is like +2 PS2s, but is not like Console will get stuck forever, Evolution in Both Ways

ThanatosDMC3663d ago

I want Sony to release PSP2 all ready but i want it to look like PSP Go for portability and let it have a battery life that can challange the itouch, which last 6hrs for playing movies or surfing the web instead of 2-3hrs.

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Letros3664d ago

Handhelds catch up to consoles, and consoles catch up to PC. PC provides the technology for future, thanks PC.

peeps3663d ago

pretty much.

because obv pc's are constantly evolving with new hardware, they're constantly improving. then consoles for whatever generation release using whatever tech is currently available. then in a few years time that tech can be made smaller, more efficient etc and so can be used in smaller devices.

OmegaSlayer3664d ago

It's better if Sony leaves the handheld market and focuses on the home systems.
It's so resource consuming and the combo phone/games of iPhone will be deadly even for the DS in the long term.
Apple products still cost too much, but if they cut the prices it will be an onslaught.

Feral Gamer3664d ago

What's the point of HD graphics on a tiny screen?

Knightrid8083664d ago

Bragging rights of course.

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