SFX-360: Dante's Inferno Review

SFX-360 writes: "Despite months of saturating consumers with a giant marketing campaign, including a 30 second ad during Super Bowl 44, EA's third person multiplatform action game Dante's Inferno still feels like a modern re-skinning of Sony's God of War franchise. If EA had it their way, Kratos would have landed in Hell after his iconic swan dive during the opening scene of God of War wielding Death's Scythe and a Holy cross. The former Spartan Captain was unavailable to star in this game due to prior commitments with his own franchise, so EA cast a Knight from the Crusades aptly named Dante to take his place. Dante's Inferno isn't so much inspired by the classic Divine Comedy and God of War franchise as it used a copy of the poem as a beer coaster while playing a pirated copy of the trilogy's finale."

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