Purchase Splinter Cell: Conviction - Receive Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Invite

BeefJack writes: "Having recently been announced that a new title in the Ghost Recon series is currently in development, Ubisoft have stated that players tearing into their copies of Splinter Cell: Conviction will find enclosed is a Multiplayer Beta key for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier."

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VileAndVicious3667d ago

Why is this article in the Ps3 section? I thought SC was exclusive to the 360?

Cyrus3653667d ago

Cause Ghost Recon is a game that's coming out for PS3.

XDF3667d ago

Halo Reach Beta..

Now the Ghost Recon Beta..

I also expect a beta from the new Call of Duty game at E3 as well.

Can't wait.

pr0digyZA3667d ago

Lol alot of betas i think we have become the bug fixers :P