Swashbuckling for Landlubbers: Why you may already be encouraging piracy


Here come the disclaimers now, cause they need to happen. I intend to bridge the gaming co. exec vs gamer gap since I am currently both (albeit at a small start up for the exec thing). I'll start by saying I do not pirate games. I even look for ways like Steam to buy games at the price I want (if I want to be cheap about it) that still gives money to the developer, unlike buying used. I do not condone piracy generally speaking (you'll see why I've qualified this soon enough). My intent of this article is to shed light on something that you may not already see and help our industry to make smart decisions about piracy/anti-piracy measures.

So why is all this important in the first place? Well, I know that talking to the business folks in our industry makes anyone concerned about piracy. Sure, they want to cover their behind to get the most ROI as possible. Unfortunately, they often decrease their ROI without knowing it.

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