PCN Review: MAG

Is bigger really better? While most women will answer a resounding yes, you'll find that gamers have a more diverse range of opinions. We've seen titles like Uncharted and Gears of War popularize small, close quarters battles. On the other hand, Resistance 2's giant 60 player matches provided an experience like no other. Now, MAG is seeking to set a new standard with its massive 256 player battles. So does it emasculate the competition, or is it simply too big to fit... into your game collection?

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PimpHandHappy3665d ago

most women will tell you 2big HURTS
but hey
gaming media
not the ones too know much about what women really like

and running a mile to get killed by a sniper that hasn't moved in 10 min SUCKS

SasanovaS19873665d ago hurts....till they get used to it...when they finally manage to take on the whole thing, they crave it. thats when you know your set. but either way, i think mag is a gift to gamers and will be a classic in years to come.

great game to play with your team, to get tactical, but also fun to play by your self. if your one of those players that struggle to get a kill, fly solo in MAG and find that there are always targets to shoot at, and that you will usually be on kill streaks, as long as u move around carefully.

it is fun, and thats what counts. dont trust reviews with MAG, its one of those games that cant be reviewed accurately. well, at least dont trust the numbers. i suggest actually reading the review with this one

gaffyh3664d ago

Good score, game is too difficult for me :(. People always complain about the gfx, but they are very good for such a huge scale game, they just aren't very unique.