Top Ten Scariest Resident Evil Moments

hese 10 classic Resident Evil moments will scare the crap out of you. Sit back, dim the lights and prepare for some serious shock.

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Shabas4139d ago

When they remade Resident Evil 1 for gamecube, if you didnt burn the zombies they came back to life and ran after you. Thats the only thing that was scary, when they ran after you at full speed.

The_Firestarter4139d ago

That scared the crap out of me so badly! :D

Charlie26884139d ago

hold on a sec wasn't this suppose to be RE "scariest moments" but this is just "top 10 RE Stuff" randomly put together


well to add my own "Scariest Moments" is when the Nemesis unexpectedly brakes thru the window in the police station, and the dread full mood and silence in the Police station help create one of RE scariest moments ^^

JohnCarpenter4139d ago

The picture #5 is totally wrong. But i agree with #1 the dogs jumping through the window.

LeonSKennedy4Life4139d ago

I can't see the pics...

It closes out of my browser when i hit the jump!!!

Anyone wanna help me?...please?

Rhezin4139d ago

that is true! I remember that part you're walking down that narrow halolway with two windows on the left soon as you get past them CRASH! goes the windows and two hellhounds are after you. Definately scary

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The story is too old to be commented.