Star Trek Online Review at Bright Hub

Bright Hub writes: "Star Trek Online is the latest big-name MMO to compete for your monthly gaming dollar. Launched with incredible fanfare, including an unprecedented number of pre-order incentives and several special editions, the game's instant popularity has resulted in a mad scramble to increase server capacity over at Cryptic.

The developers at Cryptic did their research before creating the game. Filled with numerous references to the series' lore, STO will satisfy even the most rabid of Trekkies. Is the gameplay equally well-developed? Find out in our full review."

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Muckbeast3659d ago

That's a very excellent review. Thank you!

AlBravo3659d ago

STO if fine for what it is. Just don't expect it to be EVE. Cryptic seems to have just duped most of their code from CoH and CO. Everything is very instanced and space is like a big rectangular room. The fact that they call missions "Episodes" sums up the feel. Everything is very encapsulated into episodic content. Not necessarily bad but you lose the whole infinite universe feel.

Montrealien3659d ago

I have to say, that for a casual game, it is very un accessible. I have at least 20 hours put into it, and I still have no clue wtf I am doing half the time.