Why Xbox 360 Gamers Don't Want MAG

From the feature editorial:

"Well, congratulations Playstation 3 owners, MAG has finally been out for a bit and admittedly, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. The prospect of games totaling 256 players is intriguing, but should we as 360 owners catch a case of the Green-Eyed Monster and feel some kind of envy? The short answer is no, at least for now. First and foremost, the Xbox 360 community isn't currently hurting for an amalgamation of multiplayer games. While it already goes without saying that the 360 has a dominatingly large library of games, it seems the desire may not quite be there yet for massive multiplayer titles. Also, anyone who has played online will be well aware of the quality of teammates met randomly."

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LaurenKB1234183d ago

I agree with the article, but I DO want Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2.....

Keith Olbermann4183d ago

The fact he felt this story had to be written is telling enough. MAG is an awesome game with some flaws that will be ironed out over time..just like any multiplayer game.

4183d ago
Natsu X FairyTail4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

You do the same Chad Warren so you're not any better.

this article is pointless. "xbox360 owners dont want mag"
Who are they to talk for everybody? I personally couldnt care less about MAG but I'm pretty sure some other people would want it.

if anyone would want MAG that bad and only owned a xbox I guess he would go buy a PS3 to play the game as we know it wont come over to xbox.

raztad4183d ago

Funny article. I would buy a xbox360 if MAG was a xbox exclusive. No kidding.

MAG is getting better and better by the day. More experienced players means more fun. We destroyed SVER base in less than 10 mins and hold VALOR off our base.

Even if there is a plethora of multiplayer games none is like MAG.


deadreckoning6664183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

The article makes a good point. If u were to ask 5 random 360 owners of the street what M.A.G was they'd be dumbfounded to what you are talking about. However, when KZ3 comes out, I'm sure they'll be MANY 360 owners that'll want it.

-Alpha4183d ago

This is going to open up a can of fire.

Anyways, I think it's pretty obvious MAG isn't that well known and the regular 360 fan is more accustomed to Halo and COD, which is fine. Personally I think something like Halo is better than MAG because of the variety.

MAG is great, but I think if 360 gamers are open minded then they would at least like to try out the game.

It's funny if people find this article arrogant of 360 owners considering many PS3 owners claim they don't want Halo.

The point is that you can't generalize a group of gamers. I would love Halo on PS3 and I'm sure there are some 360 owners who would love MAG

Major_Tom4183d ago

It's well known most Xbox fans want every PS3 exclusive, especially after 2009.

Ouch, hurts my brain just remembering that desert.

jadenkorri4183d ago

Xbox 360 Gamers Don't Want MAG, but yet spend the time to write an article on why they don't want mag because there so called "dominatingly large library of games" is really taking too much of their time....
anyways go Valor.

Socrates4183d ago

I have a ps3 and I couldn't care less about MAG. I tried it and didn't like it.

baum4183d ago

They have no choice so they have to try to rationalize and make it seem like they opted not to try it.

ThanatosDMC4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Cant handle that much awesome? I agree with Keith Olbermann and Natsu.

@ raztad

I know! It's insane when there's 22 minutes still left and SVER are all ready fighting at the consoles instead at the bunkers.

Valors are very aggressive now and usually take out our Triple A in a few minutes. Ravens are still gun fodder in Domination maps though.

TK4214183d ago

Whatever, this is the nerd saying he didn't want the hot chick anyway after she turns him down for prom.

Shepherd 2144183d ago

I enjoy tightly refined 4v4 matches. It feels more squad based and less chaotic, and if you go in with a team you know everyone. Large scale, huge player count battles feels like something id want to play once or twice in between dozens of 4v4 matches just to freshen it up some. I really just like a small, personal squad against another, not giant frag fests. It just feels less competitive to me, and its why games like Halo appeal to me. Just what i like.

UnwanteDreamz4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

They shouldn't try and speak for the whole community like that.

If he doesn't want MAG, thats cool. I don't want Halo, but I can think of 3 or 4 titles on the 360 that I would like to play on my PS3

OmegaSlayer4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I still haven't bought MAG (not a fan of online experiences, but I will support the game and the idea with my purchase), so I can't speak about the quality, but an article to try to assure 360 gamers that they didn't miss anything is quite funny and a bit sad at the same time.

Then, my take is that Zipper has pushed further a boundary in gaming history, so Kudos.

Azerach4183d ago

A funny article.

Seems kind of like damage control to me. 360 gamers want MAG, and now the brave men at planetxbox try to assure 360 gamers that they don't need MAG... that's just LOL

mikeslemonade4183d ago

LOL at 360 gamers. How can you be a 360 gamer when Uncharted 2 came out?

Veneno4183d ago

Why do 360 gamers always need to be told what to like and what not to like? Are they not capable their own thoughts and opinions?

silvacrest4183d ago

lol @ darkmurder, that come back was weak

on topic, sounds like damage control like others have said
and why make this article? who ever does not want it wont buy it

Lykon4183d ago

"Also, anyone who has played online will be well aware of the quality of teammates met randomly." awwww lol this whole article is an exercise in hiding pain and tears LOL fail

Blaster_Master4183d ago

Im so sick of these pro 360 articles. You sheep actually have to justify your purchase, especially now that you all finally have a game worth playing, ME2. Oh well, good for you guys. Ive been playing AAA exclusives on my ps3 for almost 3 years now. You sheep are far far behind when it comes to AAA content.

DatNJDom814183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

.............................. .............................. . ........................ LMAO!!!!!

Did they just really write this article???? Hold on, I thought 360 fanatics said that "MAG is sux cuz it haz the "low" scorezz". Why write an article about it? LOL. WOW.


I dont know why they would be xbox gamers when MGS4 came out. Thats when I actually stopped playing my 360. I played a little gears then thats it. I mean that sh!t has been off. Oh wait I played ME2.


They need to be told what to like and not like because theres a huge demographic of young gamers on there.

ThanatosDMC4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

You have no idea how MAG works and how everything happens in the game, huh? It's not a fragfest... err... sorta cuz you do have to shoot people.

Individuals for the most part work and stick together with their respective squads because you spawn with them and can only communicate with them. Each squad leader can and do talk to platoon leaders who in turn work with the OIC. The higher ups work together to use artillery, air sweeps, air strikes, jamming, blockades, rapid deployment, poison/gas strike, bombing runs, recharge, etc.

It's great to see how your squad and people not from your squad sweep the whole area for enemies hiding and waiting to repair destroy forward spawn points or the triple A. If an enemy or a bunch of them are found you see all of your teammates converge at that one or a couple of red dots till they're dead. Usually happens when your team starts para-dropping behind enemy lines.

Rent it first for those curious about it and are worried about reviews. Buy it immediately if you love Battlefield 2 and everything will feel great. Shotgun w/machine pistol is great for attacking a bunker with lots of defenders.

Man In Black4183d ago

Judging by how much they talk about it, you'd think they were desperate for it.

Sarcasm4183d ago

Translation: "Pfft... Who needs MAG anyway? We really don't want MAG. I mean come on, 256 players? We don't want that even if it could be done. I mean... come on... Maybe if they do make a game that isn't MAG that does 256 players, we'd buy it as long as it's not MAG. MAG is for sissies. 16 players is more than enough. Of course we never experienced 256 players on anything before so of course we don't need it. Pfft... MAG MAG MAG... MAGGGGGGGGGG... MAGGGGGG!!! WE DON'T WANT IT!!! I have to spend 2 hours writing an article on how much we don't want it! Forget making an article about how great 16-32 players is, we'd rather write an anti-MAG letter!!!"

FACTUAL evidence4183d ago

Who ever said that the 360 fans wanted MAG?.....guilty conscious huh? It's almost like a cry for help, and attention.

SL1M DADDY4183d ago

It is doing what has not been done before and for anybody to dog on the game without taking that into account is purely out of their mind. If you cannot find a gem in seeing 256 players online in a single match then you are missing the point. It may not be my cup of tea and I have not bought the game but I still respect what Zipper has done here and it is awesome to see that consoles now have the capability to run 256 players online at one time and not slow down or crash or even run with horrible PS2 like graphics. This game is a pioneer in the console business and keep an eye out for more like it as the years come.

2Spock4183d ago

The biggest flaw of MAG will never ever be ironed out and that is people that play it. The game relies on every squad to do their part and each person to do what each squad leader wants you to do. With that it almost makes the game unenjoyable at all. Half the time people leave before the game starts or swaps to another squad which makes the game worse when you start. So you start the game with 5-6 people in your squad then 2-3 of those guys wonder off. So you try to vote kick and nothing. Out of the 100+ games i have played i have had 14 major victories, that's sad really sad. I am to the point where once Battlefield 2 comes out i will not ever play mag again and i am thinking about just playing MW2 for the time being. I love the gameplay of MAG and i love playing it. But people ruin the experience 99% of the time.

Real Gambler4183d ago

People saying that they prefer 4 players against waves of AI opponents so MAG is bad. Then, people saying 4 against 4 is the way to go so MAG is bad.

In my book, the PS3 is the only one offering all the fun those people claim the best, and on top of that is now offering 128 against 128 LIVE people.

So sorry, but forget 4 players against AI opponents, it's much better 8 against waves of real players. Forget about 4 against 4, but try it with 8 against 8 while other real squads are fighting all over the place. When you see a bullet flying over your head, it's a real human that fired it. If a grenade explode somewhere on the map, it's a real human who threw it.

MAG is now bringing a new type of game on the board, and trust me, it's there to stay. Sure, some people may like only 4 players games, but heck, we can now play 128 against 128, thanks to Zipper. This is a technological feat guys, congrat!

SilentNegotiator4183d ago

PlanetXbox360, FUD'ing it up like usual.

sikbeta4183d ago

1· Cuz iz da PS3 Ezclusive lol

2· Who cares, even if they want it, they need a PS3 to play it....

BloodyNapkin4183d ago

Have you lost your mind? You are saying if you like Battlefield 2 you will like MAG? That has to be dumbest comment i have read on here in a while. Yeah it's a FPS and they both have guns but that's about all to compare to each game. IMO MAG does not hold a candle to Battlefield 2, go ahead and flame me i understand it has 256 players. Bigger doesn't always make it better and in MAG's case it makes it worse. Cause you have to rely on a bunch of retards that play the game.

otherZinc4183d ago

This article didn't have to be written.

MAG has no campaign: no co-op: & is a last gen looking game.

Heavy Rain is a joke that's going to sell "only" to SONY fanatics first month & to 10 people the following month.

Please, Mass Effect 1 & 2, also, Bioshock 2 will be played until March.

For those that like MAG, enjoy.

SPACEBALL 14183d ago

xbox gamers dont want mag because it sucks... plain and simple

VileAndVicious4183d ago

MAG is unlike any other FPS Ive ever played. I love it. And IF MAG was an Xbox360 exclusive this article would be vastly different.

DirtyLary4183d ago


Another I can't have it so I'm gonna bash it article.

raztad4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I find interesting so many people having "opinions" about a game they never played. hehehhe funny stuff. Very opinionated about videos and reviews. Keep playing videos and reviews while real gamers play games.


You make an interesting point about people failing to play MAG the right way. I'm Level 31 Senior Dragon or something like that. I've came across with so many different players. Played 3 matches yesterday, the first one was a disaster, no coordination and people failing at teamwork. The second on the other hand was very well coordinated and we overran SVER base in a matter of few minutes. I'm pretty sure the community is getting better and the factions are starting to even out. Have fun with whatever you are playing. BC2 looks fun.

Kornholic4183d ago

Xbox 360 gamers don't want MAG because they can't have it. Nothing stops them from buying a PS3, though.

I'd like to see Xbox Live run 256 players. It can barely handle 32 players. That is the "great" service many find themselves paying for.

JokesOnYou4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I don't own MAG, I'm a huge shooter fan so I'd like to play it though, but I mostly play shooters on 360, love the controller and thats where most of my bud's game, the only shooters I played on ps3 were RFOM2 and KZ2, they were good but #1 there was never much communication online and #2 a couple months after release there wasn't much of a community playing those games, they died off pretty quickly in my experience with those games.

IMO based only on what I've seen(gameplay) and read MAG looks like an average shooter, which is fine but I'm in no hurry to run out and pick it up right now. For me and most of the guys I know we're sticking with (much hated on this site only) MW2 until BBC2 comes out, theres just so many quality games available now that we can be really picky about our choices and I've just learned that I enjoy 360's Live atmosphere more than psn.


Sez 4183d ago

" Xbox 360 gamers don't want MAG because they can't have it". dude lets be real here. not many sonyfanboys want this game. so whats your point. and your comment about games that support 256 players. news flash for you. more player doesn't equal a great game. as you have seen with the reviews it's been getting.

i have to agree with the arthur. 360 owner don't want mag or feel the need to care about it. especially when games like MW2,halo 3/odst,BFBC2. so a game like MAG really wouldn't matter to 360 owners. when there are much better games coming out or already out.

ThanatosDMC4183d ago

I'm sorry, i didnt know you were such an expert. Please forgive my dumb comment since im one of those retards.

nycredude4183d ago

Anyone who complains that MAG sucks because of the players is a retard. There is a robst clan systtem and grouping system. You meet people adn it's incredibly easy to add them to your friends list. I have met many new friends and my friends list has grown be at least 30 since I started playing. If you are good enough peole swill take notice and invite you to their clan. It not just a game but a social network of fps players testing their skills , tactics and getting better all the time. All this hate is unfounded and frankly it mkes me sick. You people need to stop hating and just play games. iIf you don't like something fine move on but don't hate it. Sony and zipper are trying something new and all they get is hate. Hating on Sony is so fvcking old now. grow up people.

BlackTar1874183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

bloody napkin i have played BF since 1942 well on 10years now and yes it has alot of things to do with BF your lying if it didnt. The way the cmdr sets points/air strikes is basically the same. They both require teamwork to take points i dont care how good of BF player you are you cant win the game by yourself go thru enemy lines and take out there def. with out help or capture points all by yourself and then hold them. So im not the only BF player who sees this. The problem si people (Its a pref.) who would rather be lone wolf(A BF classification) compared to teams. I have a SVER name and the community is def. getting better playing us .

But this whole comment section and article reeks of sour grapes if you didnt care or didnt want it you wouldnt need to justify your feeling you wouldnt be here trying to explain to us why you dont want it. you dont want it great no need to tell us it sounds sad i recommend getting both systems play all the games and not just hate to hate its very unbecoming and unhealthy to the medium. Sad that someone can hate and love video games so much its unhealthy. BTW MAG was weak sauce for about 4hrs game time after that a couple of upgrades and it gets better and better.

If you say ohh but retards that is the dumbest comment ever so sorry you would be forced to try and work as a team one thing that is wrong with this gen is its all about being selfish me me me me were all gamers here people lets act like a community that cares about growth and we will be a much stronger force.

Edit Maybe 1942 wasnt 10yrs ago but it feels like it

VileAndVicious4183d ago

Honestly Vega most "sonyfan-boys" as you put it, are just as obsessed about their games receiving perfect scores as the xbox360 fanatics that constantly troll MAG's review articles. So they are confused as to whether or not to defend the game or not. Or they just haven't played it because they "heard" is was bad.

More interesting though is that MAG has actually received very good scores as well. No one ever seems to bring up 1up, Gamespot, Joystiq, Kotaku or the others.
So is MAG for everybody? No its not. Its not a bad game by any means Ive played BBC2 (wasn't impressed it to me felt like killzone2 with vehicles and semi destructible environments.)and I traded in MW2. Ive played them all.

MAG is very unique and it seems to me that the only people who dog it are people who haven't played it, or seriously just wanted to hate it. No one that I know that has purchased the game has had anything but positive things to say about it; So it is a little unfair to say "Oh well some people who reviewed it didn't like it so they must be right"
256 players is more than just a selling point it is a part of the atmosphere. You are but a single entity in a full scale war. NO OTHER GAME THIS GENERATION GIVES YOU THAT FEELING. NOT BAD COMPANY 2. NOT MODERN WARFARE. That is why MAG is different, unique. Its not bland I challenge you to state another game that has come out in the past 3 years that has accomplished this feat. You cant. Name another game that forces you to cooperate with you team members the way you do in MAG. You cant. No other game has the command structure and no other game has a leveling system as deep.

I hate Gears of war and if I reviewed it Id probably give it a 6.5. Does that mean you wouldn't like it? No. Does that mean that you shouldn't play it? No. All opinions are subjective. Just like this lame article. The only real opinion that should matter is yours AFTER you've played the game and not before. And to me it seems like to the most people who seem to comment on MAG are 360 exclusive owners who never played the game to begin with. That is either biased or envy you take your pick.

So I ask you VEGA or anyone else reading this post; Have you played MAG for longer than 30 minutes? (Youtube videos dont count.) Have you at least made it to LV 15?

jwatt4183d ago

I'm a playstation guy myself and I played both betas but I was not impressed with the game. I mean it's really cool that there is 256 players online but it doesn't matter to me if the gameplay isn't good. Crappy animations and gun sound effects aren't that great either. There's just a lot of better shooters that's already out or is coming out.

lessthanmarcus4183d ago

I would REALLY REALLY love to able to play Warhawk, MAG, Uncharted, Socom, and MGS4 with all my XBL friends

goflyakite4182d ago

Why Xbox 360 Gamers Don't Want MAG;

Because they can't have it.

Anyways, this website is garbage. Do they have any worth while articles?

Sez 4182d ago

so let me get this straight. i have to play MAG for 15+ hour or my opinion isn't valid. yet people on this very site will form an opinion about a game on just screen shots. hypocrite much i see

anyway. your long wall of text only proves that you and many sonyfanboys care for this game. your selling point is that it has 256 players. AGAIN more players doesn't equal a great game. I'm sure many games that was rated low also got good reviews from other sites. does that make it a good game. because a couple of reviewers may feel the need to give it a good score. when most reviewers gave it a low score for a reason. and by you trying to convince everyone that MAG is this great game. when it isn't. and if i was to go by many fanboys on this site that uses review score to determine quality games. this isn't one of them. no matter how much you try to make it into.

Keita1014182d ago

Mag brings many new things to the table, but their are too many flaws imo to justify the purchase on my end. i bought ME2 over mag this month. for my online, i'll stick with Uncharted 2 and Halo 3 until they iron out mag's flaws.

Old Greg4182d ago

A 360 Gamer <--I can only assume he means someone who only games on a 360, and is somewhat of a fanboy. So why would a 360 fanboy want a PS3 game?

cmrbe4182d ago

The biggest advantage the x360 has against the PS3 is Live. MAG is a testament that PSN infrastructure wise is more robust that Live.

MAG hit a nerve with the online x360 faithful. Thats why they have responded with this type of article trying to downplay what MAG has achieve and keep telling themselves that they don't want it. I don't blame them. It would be luck if MS and their devs could host 256 players games even with the next xbox.

The Lazy One4182d ago

I'd take Bad Company 2 over mag regardless of platform...

VileAndVicious4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

LOL you obviously didnt read anything written and your too much of a fanboy yourself to understand. It seems that if anyone says anything positive about a game you dont care for you get all defensive. I wonder why?
I pity you, I really do. Your really missing out on a great game. But I dont need to defend MAG the community will attest to that. Its obvious that you've never played it or you'd know it doesn't take 15 hours to reach 15 lol. But back to your halo sir.
Oh and check your facts. Im no SONY fanboy I own both systems.

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Silly gameAr4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Thanks for the pointless article. Thumbs up.:)

Edit: No Ender. It's pretty pointless. Gears of War? I love the game, but it just doesn't stack up to 256 players online at once. I don't care how many people are on the the all mighty XBOX Live.

256 players is a huge achievement And, I believe MAG is only the beginning. Doesn't matter how many people are playing after six months. That's the beauty of variety. People actually move on to other games. In the end, the game has a dedicated fanbase so the community is still there no matter how large of small.

You want to talk about dominating? I want to see Live pull off 256 players AT ONCE with the the super great community that Live is suppose to have. There would be reports left and right.

-Alpha4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

And in all honesty it's pretty vague.

It can't speak for all owners of a console. I for one would love Halo on PS3 and I'm sure some 360 owners would love MAG.

I think that in general the 360 and PS3 both have shooters that are better than MAG and in that sense MAG isn't the BEST choice for a shooter, but like you said it has its fans and there's no reason to slander the game as if it's unwanted or unloved.

Note that PS3 owners too make claims like "We don't want Halo", but they don't speak for me or other PS3 owners who would love Halo. Again, in general games like COD or Killzone or MAG are preferred but that doesn't mean we should treat Halo like it would not benefit the PS3. Variety is great and the more games I can choose from on a console the better.

Also, regarding LIVE running 256 players, they really don't have to. Number of players don't make a game better or worse, just different, and in cases like MAG, bold and somewhat unique.


Exactly, it's not a hardware issue. Zipper made the initiative to do it, but that doesn't mean MS or gamers WANT 256 players to be a standard. In that sense I agree with the article title. 256 is NOT a new standard, it's just a different experience. I still love my 10-32 player games as do many others.

kaveti66164183d ago

That would never happen. MAG needed a lot of advanced netcoding AND dedicated servers to be able to run with 256 players on a map with limited to no lag.

It's not a 360 hardware problem. Microsoft just doesn't have anyone, in my opinion, who is going to create netcode as good as what Zipper did with MAG. Plus, Microsoft refuses to use dedicated servers for even their most beloved games.

Godmars2904183d ago

You can say its not a hardware or programming issue, that XBL could support a game such as MAG, but that doesn't change the fact that there isn't an example on XBL to back up your claim.

As far as I know Fat Princess can have more players in it than any 360 title.

Dev8 ing4183d ago

The fact that MAG was released with fewer glitches/bugs and 10 times the number of players than Gears 2 and MW2 (arguably the biggest multiplayer games of recent years) is commendable.

UnwanteDreamz4183d ago

Thank You

What you have said should ring true to anyone who has played both games. I think it is a shame that no one seems to be giving Zipper credit for what they really achieved here.

kaveti66164183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

And what exactly was my claim, Godmars? Seriously, I am so f*cking tired of people asking me to back up claims that I don't even make. All I said was, netcoding is not related to hardware. Therefore, the physical limitations of the Xbox 360 are not taken into account when asking the question of how many players can you put into a match on XBL.

And if you think I am wrong about this, then please, please for your own good, do some research on the differences between engine code and net code. Telling me that my claim needs to be backed up does not make you some superior blogger. Your comments are really useless if all you do is reply to other people and tell them to prove themselves.

2Spock4183d ago

Actually you are wrong. I have had yet to have MW2 to freeze my PS3 or spawn to be stuck in mid air and just had to leave the game or my gun and reticle just disappear. While i know there is so called glitches that you have to do this special thing to get to work in MW2. But for people that just play the game is not going to encounter any glitches, but you can get glitches to work if you go out of your way. But for people that just play games MAG has way more glitches that happen than MW2.

mastiffchild4183d ago

You know, this discussion throws up the biggest issue thatb Live has atm-the paucity of games with dedicated servers. If Live truly wanted to merit it's "premium" status then surely making dedicated servers compulsory for online games would be the quickest way, no?

It's always struck me as odd that PSN, and particularly some Sony published titles, support edicated servers while MS seem to frown on the practise when it's, surely, one of the biggest benefits available today and it puzzles me why MS persist in think P2P is fine whn it hamstrings a lot of their games and would be a key way to say theuir service was better than the competition. There being more PSN games that use them is kind of ass backwards when that's the freee option and, to me, community features being easier to access doesn't compare to something tha actively improves the core online gaming experience by tackling most lag issues.

Apart from any PSN/Live comparisons I also feel that it's left a large portrion of the Live userbase ignorant of what dedicated servers do and is holding back games like MW2 from using them. If MS pushed more devs to use them on Live Acti wouldn't get away with using outdated P2P and maybe dedicated servers wopuld have eradicated the farce that Gears2 was online. Live is a very slick service, no doubt about it, but giving us more dedicated serverers would be much better than options like XGC and invites to me and ass it stands the fact that so few Live games use them is holding us all back online in console gaming as a great many 360 only gamers don't have an inkling what dedicaed servers are even for purely because most of trhe big games they play on Live do not use them-it als shocks me that so little is made of this fact when sites compare the two services.

Seriously, if MS made them compulsory there would be no argumemnt as to which service you should be using-unles Sony did the same and so far Sony has actually done more in this regard than MS has-why? I often wonder if some 360 gamers think that MAG must klag wildly because of their own P2P experiences and just imagining how bad Gears2 would lag with that number playing-honestly, a lot of people just don't know what the merits are.

creatchee4182d ago

I don't think that Microsoft "frowns" on dedicated servers - it's just that more goes into it than one would assume. Plus there's really not too many games on 360 that NEED dedicated servers to play well.

Just going off of my experiences with Zipper games, there's the obscene amount of dedication to the netcoding. I mean - as HUGE as the maps are in MAG with all of the cool scenery and objects, I'm almost positive that more work went into the actual online aspect of the game than the rest of the game itself.

There are the server downtimes that are required to make sure that the game KEEPS running well. Plus there's the fact that in order for the game to be played 10 years from now, you STILL have to keep those servers running. A P2P game only requires 2 consoles where a dedicated server game requires, umm, servers :)

There have been games on 360 with dedicated servers - L4D 1+2, UT3, Section 8, etc. Then again, Uncharted 2 doesn't use dedicated servers over on the PS3 end, so it's not necessarily a "XBOX does this, PS3 does that" situation. But you also have to consider what each console is doing with their online gaming IN GENERAL. The big names on PSN with dedicated servers are KZ2, Resistance 1+2, and of course MAG. Those games simply COULD NOT run on a P2P basis. Go over to the XBOX side, you have games like Halo and Gears that COULD benefit from dedicated, but really don't need it (whereas a game like L4D can run either, but runs a lot better with it due to the calculations that the director does when changing the game around).

To sum - 360 exclusives typically don't need dedicated servers because the games themselves don't support (and aren't designed for) as many players as many of the PS3 exclusives do. They can use and have used dedicated servers in certain instances, but that seems to be a developer choice rather than a Microsoft choice.

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TheDeadMetalhead4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

But 360 gamers DO want MAG. Why do you think there were tons of fanboys trolling every MAG review? Sounds like jealousy to me. ;o

UltimaEnder4183d ago

not so sure that's true, the real test is to see how many people are still playing in 6 months online....and how come when it's a pro-PS3 article it's awesome (see HHG for examples) but a well-written one looking at the other side of things is pointless, jokers!

40cal4183d ago

I will be playing MAG for the rest of this Gen.

deadreckoning6664183d ago

"But 360 gamers DO want MAG. Why do you think there were tons of fanboys trolling every MAG review? Sounds like jealousy to me. ;o"

Ur using N4G to determine what 360 owners across the nation believe. I guarantee you the majority of 360 owners in America don't know what N4G is, what E3 is, or who Adam Sessler is.