Disney weighs bringing Marvel games to 'high-end' consoles

ComputerWorld: During the company's investor call today, Disney CEO Bob Iger was asked about the company's current approach to the video game market when compared to the introduction of Disney Interactive Studios in 2007. In his answer, he noted that the company would be publishing fewer titles for "high-end" systems, but suggested that the company may soon be publishing Marvel-based titles to make up for the shift. The high-end consoles weren't named, but it's likely he was referring to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as he stated "Disney-branded games seem to perform better on the Wii and DS platforms."

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MajestieBeast3174d ago

This better not be about kingdom hearts 3 going to wii cause i want a real next gen title.

Meryl3174d ago

just remember Kingdom Hearts is an SE game, although it has Disney characters in the game, I think it's needs the approval from SE first, I can see Kingdom Hearts going to the Wii, as HD development would be too much for KH.

PSWarlord3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

OMG If this is true I might have to do something I swore I never would do GET A Wii NOOOOOOOOO lol. Please dont do this to me KH & KH2 was one of my favorite RPG's last Gen up there with FFX and DQ8. This is properly the last chapter (I hope not) but lets go out with a bang make it PS3 exclusive or multiplat. But let me enjoy this in all HD goodness.

BTW anyone remember what happened at the end of KH2. I can remember KH perfectly props because it was the better of the two.

I know for a fact that there will be an announcement about this at E3.

@Meryl Im pretty sure it could be done in HD why not

Bodyboarder_VGamer3174d ago

The KH team is making FFvsXIII at the moment and the ones that made the PSP and DS games were new teams. I believe that Square will use one of those teams to make a Wii KH because an HD version would be too much for some newbies. And remember that the PSP KH was going to be a PS2 tittle and considering that the console it's similar in power to the Wii so...

ChickeyCantor3174d ago

" I believe that Square will use one of those teams to make a Wii KH because an HD version would be too much for some newbies. "
Jesus, thats not how decisions are made.

PSWarlord3174d ago

How would it be too much?More is better. Unless were talking about MW2 lol.

Is it just me or does anyone think KH3 with Motion 'Arc' would be awesome..Then again I would properly get bored after an hour.

tunaks13174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

i would actually like KH to land on the Wii. KH2 combat was a little to, I dunno repetative? Mash X over and over. I can think of a lot of posibilities that the Wii can offer KH
1) Lower cost development, MH3 anyone?
2) WM+ Gummi Ship Control
3) Huge marketing push from Disney to cater to Wii owners
4) IR cursor for magic attacks, doing this will prevent a MASH X scenario
5)Motion based reaction command.
6)NO major competition in genre (unless you count Zelda)
7)Wont take a billion years to make like FFXIII

this list goes on, either console I will be happy but the Wii does seem like a viable choice for KH 3