The future of Graphics on PS3 - "4D"

With the future of graphics looking more and more realistic, here is a quick look at the next era of graphics and can be possible looking at what has been done today.

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Presidentjr4135d ago

will you people at least read the article before disapproving it ? this is not old.

Lord Anubis4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Hideo Kojima talked about this when he start his PS3 quest he calls Metal Gear Solid 4. He also said if the mechanics underneath the game interfered with the game he would cut it from the game.


This article is new. The bottom of the article states "This entry was posted on Saturday, June 23rd, 2007 at 10:37 am and is filed under Dev, Ps3."

Smellslikepie4135d ago

Wow. That was quite impressive! I particularly enjoyed watching the '4D Comet Oleary Graphics Demo'

FordGTGuy4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

BTW from article
"This is Actually a very Complex 3D graphics video, but it can also be
Procedurally Rendered on the Xbox 360".


You do know Blu-Ray destroys the load times on the PS3 and every multiplatform game runs smoother on Xbox 360. The PS3 and its amazing CPU can't even run a game as smooth.

weekapaugh4135d ago

The main differences in the platforms is in “Load Times” and that is where the Render Farm on Chip PS3 Wins Hands Down in 4D!

yeah, they really sh*t on the PS3.

Premonition4135d ago

Im sure that makes you happy but did you read this "As in the video
above but not near as high quality and remember X360 is very capable of
running these high quality 3D games (and even some elements of 4D)." Key word some.

ImWithStupid4135d ago

to grasp at anything that even remotely makes his underpowered console appear equal to the PS3.

there is a reason Sony has been so quiet in the face of the avalanche of criticism and flaming aimed at the PS3, They intend to shut alot of people up.

Also Known As4134d ago

I hope you all didnt fall for that somewhat skewed definition of "4d" because most people realize that the douche-bag author of that article is just a sony fanboy using the most effective method of lying: mixing it with some truth.

Life (the universe, existance) cannot "exist" without the 3 dimensions plus the fouth which is time, computer and video game graphics have nothing to do with 4D, the only way they are connected to the 4th dimension is that your computer or console exists within "life" which as i have already said cannot exist without all 4 dimensions.

Anyhow I did not see anything in those videos that the xbox 360 cannot do.

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progx4135d ago

LOL the 4th dimension? wtf? Im pretty sure we live in the 3rd dimension.

biomajor094135d ago

We actually live in a 4d world but we can only see in 3d. Time is consider the 4th dimension.

LeonSKennedy4Life4135d ago

And ever since Max Payne's "bullet-time" s have been in 4D.

Haha...I'm just playin'. How is "4D" even possible? If we can't see it...what's the point of making it? That's like my mom calling me for dinner using a dog whistle...???

Arkham4135d ago

How is it possible? If you're playing it, it's 4D. If you're pausing the game, it's not. ;)