UNCHARTED 2 Soundtrack in Stores Today

"Music is an important component in our games; with it we can set the right tone within any given part of the game and help our narrative elements evoke the proper emotions. When I first played through UNCHARTED: Drake's Fortune, I thought Greg Edmonson totally nailed the action-adventure cinematic feel that is the foundation of the UNCHARTED series...." - Arne Meyer

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cmrbe3663d ago

Best action adventure sound track including movies. The Main theme is better than any other action adventure movie or game main theme.

Cajun Chicken3663d ago

I wouldn't go that far, but if John Williams' was to recompose say if he was hired for the upcoming Uncharted movie. he wouldn't have to change much with the theme.

Speaking of which I hope John Williams' doesn't outright ignore the amazing Herge's Adventures of Tintin theme for the new CG movies.

cayal3663d ago

I'm listening to it now, it rocks. I loved it.

mantisimo3663d ago

The soundtrack is brilliant and adds to the overall ambience of the game experience which has been one of my favourite games to date.

The thing I find amazing is that of all the people on my friends list only 3 out of about 50 actually own the game why are so few ps3 owners buying this?

Come on you guys stop hanging around for a price reduction or whatever reason you arent buying uncharted and just jump in this is a game NOT to be missed.

Ps See you all online :)