Stop Comparing Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2

Tyler Treat: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are not the same game, nor were they designed to be. I've heard countless people compare the two, but that's just unfair, which has ultimately driven me to write what's more or less of a rant.

It's like comparing tits and ass – both are awesome but have different purposes. Sure, they're both first-person shooters. Sure, they're both modern combat, but that's about as far as the similarities go. Oh, there's one last characteristic they share – both are capable of coexisting without problem."

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Delta3660d ago

Yea, We all know BFBC2 is a mile ahead of MW2.

MastaMold3660d ago

Battlefield Bad Company 2 way better game but you do have to

work as a team cause you will end up losing the battle if you

just run & gun.

-Alpha3660d ago

That's why the Scout exists.

Snipers are the most useless to squads.

They don't give ammo like assault, they don't revive like medics, and they don't repair like engineers.

You *can* run and gun, but only if the other team doesn't have squads, which they most likely will.

Sniping in BC2 is great fun because even if you are a lone wolf you can help people by spotting and tagging.

You can do it with other classes too, but it's much more effective as a sniper.

God this game is going to be ace.

As for the article, no they shouldn't be compared in terms of design, but they are both FPS' looking to be king, and in all honesty it is fair to compare them in that sense.

I wouldn't say "haha, MW2 sucks cuz maps are smaller" because it's a design choice but I WOULD say "MW2 sucks because there are no dedicated servers, dedicated servers are important for fair online competitive games, and therefore MW2 isn't as great as BC2"

jhooty143660d ago

i know everyone hates on mw2 on n4g yet im hooked on it sorry i enjoy playing a game isnt that what it all boils down to ? How much fun you have playing a game thats why i buy them not to boast about kd r or anything like that!

GSpartan7773660d ago

On a public level all shooters turn out be a run and gun. There is no teamwork in Bad Company 2 in public games. Sometime there is, just like in Modern Warfare 2 there is also teamwork in S&D and other non TDM type some times. It's just how public games are, so trying to sell this "it takes teamwork" motto is just BS. MAG is another example of a game that suppose takes more teamwork than BC2 and MW2, which in the public eyes should make it better than both, yet turns out the majority of the matches end up being big 128vs.128 Team Deathmatch.

pimpmaster3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

im on thesame boat as the guy above, i dunno whats up with all the mw2 hate. it has some bugs and a bunch of homos with shotguns and noobtubes but overall the multiplayer is the best ever this generation it managed to top halo which really no other game has done in multiplayer.

of course you compare MW2 to every other game now , cause its the best FPS out there right now. its like everyone comparing every new touchscreen phone to the iphone, cause its the best there is so thats what it has to be compared to.

evrfighter3660d ago

LEAVE COD ALONE!!!!111!!111


Persistantthug3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Also, in Battlefield, if you run and gun and try and "lonewolfe", you'll end up on your back most of the time because teams/squads will pwn you almost everytime.

I'm playing the demo to BBBF2 now and I played in the beta in NOV-DEC...and the new changes in demo have strategically moved the game even more towards teamwork play. You get way more points by helping teammates and if your team wins (serving ammo, serving medpacks, fixing machinery, reviving, etc)

If you haven't played it, you should, pimpmaster...incredible realism...incredible game.

StanLee3660d ago

Blame EA and DICE; they're the ones making the comparisons. I don't see Battlefield: Bad Company 2's multiplayer having the same following as Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3 or Gears of War 2, simply because it doesn't offer players the instant gratification of kills, killstreaks, killstreak rewards or executions. It's about cooperation and team play and rarely rewards the lonewolf, selfish players you find so common in these other multiplayer games.

omni_atlas3660d ago

MW2 sucks b/c they f-ed up on the dedicated servers. I live in SE asia. Do you know how hard it is to find a game and match? I was sitting in the lobby for 15 minutes one time and still no match. In the Bad Company 2 beta I'm in a match in less then 5 minutes.

< frustration = better product in my book.

iamjman3660d ago

MW2 was in no way a let down. the problem lies with glitches and hacks. the gameplay and graphics outdo BFBC2 any day..
but BFBC2 does have that wonderful squad feeling like your playin socom on a FPS, that you just cant get out of mw2

they both have plus' and minus but in the end which will sell more? the broken mw2 because overall its a better more fulfilling experience

AKS3660d ago

If people don't want to use teamwork, then they pay the price. A couple of friends and I won every match for 4 hours straight on the BC2 multiplayer demo. Just one small squad working together was enough to keep our win streak alive for hours, and we were goofing off much of that time with different weapons and vehicles, running people over with the ATV, sniping with short-range weapons, and whatnot. It was incredibly fun, BTW. I haven't been impressed with MW2, but BC2 looks incredible.

ape0073660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Like I said before different types

just notice that most of mw2 haters are ps3 fanboys

is it because activision said they would cut the ps3 support??

ever since that announcement by activision, Everybody on n4g went on a hating spree(even cod lovers start hating in a heartbeat) and shortly after this site has became a MW HATE FEST, much like other ps3 fanboys on other sites

even someone said,"MAG CRAPS ALL OVER MW2"

I guess the answer is a big yes, you guys need to get a life

why are you all sensitive like that, I find these action strange and so hopeless because in reality, a fanboy is weak, very weak personalities that follow a thing like a sheep, they don't have charisma whatsoever, they are the weakest form of mind that I've ever made contact with, this also goes for 360 fanboys as well and it's really natural to love a thing more than other but staying forums for hours, go from site to site to youtube to say something pointless is wrong and hopeless, so hopeless

this also give gaming a bad name, make other say"LOL grown up middle aged men fighting all year long for a piece of plastic"

LoL really

CyberCam3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

that they are very comparable because the BFBC2 DOES have small maps & infantry only gameplay (squad team deathmatch & squad goldrush) just like MW2, we just haven't played those modes yet. So they are comparable so to speak. The biggest difference that BFBC2 also has the traditional big BF maps with vehicles as well. I'm sure DICE will probably add some new infantry only modes in the future (to keep things fresh), they're pretty good for supporting their games.

@pimpmaster: You're very wrong... I totally agree with Persistantthug. I played the BFBC2 beta/demo on the PS3 and I find that most "Public" games (as you put it), do have a lot of teamwork among strangers, between the beta & demo I've made a lot of new friends while playing in "Public" matches!

I also disagree with many of you stating that the problems that MW2 arent' too bad... they are terrible & game breaking. I still scratch my head wondering why IW/MW2 gets a pass on creating a broken game and Slant6/Socom:Conf. get blasted for doing the same thing????? Shouldn't both get treated the same?

@Raiinstorm81; You are correct about the BFBC1 & COD4MW comparison of 2007.... good one!

Rainstorm813660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

So what you're saying is if you don't like MW2 you're a PS3 fanboy?? You have some serious insecurities in your games and consoles. Your rant about fanboys, tag yourself before pointing fingers.

I feel its right for them to be compared, COD4:MW wasso much better than BFBC1. Here we are and MW2 is a carbon copy of the first with more noobish behavior because of killstreak rewards and far more gliches with more found every month. BFBC2 seems to have improved over the first in every way. BFBC2 feels more like a real warzone than MW2

A lone wolf will probably enjoy MW2 more and BFBC2 is more for teams. BFBC2 wont sell anywhere near as much as MW2 but any gamer worth his controller can tell you sales doesnt equal a great game.

IMO BFBC2 > MW2 >........ MAG

Edit @ above: Riiight! Socom was a disappointment because of gliches. But Big name titles get a pass for glitches. Yes im talking to you Gears 2 and MW2. Glichy games should be called out on thier flaws.

GarandShooter3660d ago

Ape, you ARE exactly what you describe. You call people sensitive, yet here you are again getting your panties in a bunch over someone not liking MW2.

You talk about people fighting over a piece of plastic, yet here you are again gallantly defending your beloved game, which BTW is on a piece of plastic.

You even call people sheep, when it's not unreasonable for some to feel short changed by IW over MW2's issues, lack of dedicated servers, etc. Maybe, just maybe, they feel like blindly supporting what they consider an inferior product is what makes someone a sheep.

Lastly, lets not forget the hate PC fanboys have dished onto this game.

So, when is your shearing scheduled?

bjornbear3660d ago

i completely disagree

scouts are useless?

maybe in your experience...but when i scout with my squad, i

a) spot enemy positions

b) take out stationary AT users to keep vehicles safe

c) clear out any snipers that can potentially take out any of my team

d) take out enemy vehicles with C4 defensively

e) use motion sensor to aid squad more than myself

so...scout useless? only if you don't know how to use it =/

HOWEVER - i do agree that if you want to go lone wolf / have no squad ( can happen if there are 9 players and YOU are the odd one out) then YES, scout is the easiest to be - but that doesn't mean its not a good team choice either.

Sitdown3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

"just notice that most of mw2 haters are ps3 fanboys " (Ape007)

The key word there is "most", and most does not mean you just went through a rant over something Ape did not even say.

Anyhow...just out of curiosity, if BC 2 is such the better game, why are gamers not flocking to it?...and have chosen to embrace MW 2? Could it be that MW2 is what the people want...and not so much BC 2? Perhaps some people just want a run and gun style game...because its face paced and fun.

Leathersoup3660d ago

But if Bad Company releases with no glitches imagine how many people they'll win over. There's a lot of people who won't play MW2 just because of all the hacks and glitches going on at the moment.

Rainstorm813660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

2 sentences is a rant? Mostly i spoke on MW2 vs BFBC.

Perhaps most of the people complaing "hate" MW2 over one of the numerous problems it FACTUALLY has.

Being a fanboy or owning a PS3 and hating a multiplatform game for that reason alone, those people probably make up a small percent.

Which makes even less sense is that the majority of MW2 haters aka "PS3 Fanboys" are praising a different multiplatform game and not an exclusive??????

Come on Man Ape's comment made no sense and you (sitdown) defending him makes even less.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^

FragGen3659d ago

It's funny all of you guys jabbering about team this and that and why BC2 is "superior" sound like the MAG players did when they were getting hyped for its release, yet I recognize some of you dudes doing this as MAG haters. Go figure. :-/

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respawnaction3660d ago

And gamers didn't really start it dude, that was DICE themselves. So this is kind of pointless.

CrippleH3660d ago

Actually it wasn't Dice. It was EA.

respawnaction3660d ago

really? I may have to disagree on that one. Either way, it wasn't us gamers who started this, so either way, this article is kind of pointless cause he is blaming us for something we didn't do

inSaneELF3660d ago

Who said gamers are the only one to blame?

Parapraxis3660d ago

CrippleH , watch the GameTrailers ep on BFBC2.

MiloGarret3660d ago

I'm watching it, at no point does he say that Battlefield is better than MW.

When asked what differentiates Battlefield from "other popular shooters" Dice states that the open-world approach and destruction is what characterizes battlefield.

When asked if this is the game to take back the crown from modern warfare Dice states that they always strive for excellence and that sure, they're looking to compete with the best out there.

Whatever comparisons are made they're lead on by the questions of Keighley, that interview does not prove Dice started the comparisons. Besides, comparisons were being made between the games waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before that interview.

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unrealgamer583660d ago

but they're both in the same genre................. so wtf?

“Modern Warfare 2, as with every other Call of Duty title, is a run-and-gun shooter with about as much teamwork as the New Jersey Nets. It's mindless, it's fast-paced, it's frantic, and it's fun. MW2 focuses on close-quarters combat with relatively short games. The maps are small and confined, and it works for what it is.”

and the stupidity continues

“On the other hand, Bad Company 2 leans closer to the sandbox side of shooters. The maps are sprawling, open environments, which compensates for the fact that the game features vehicular combat (something that MW2 lacks altogether). Bad Company 2 essentially requires cooperation amongst teammates, and its gameplay is not nearlyas fast-paced as MW2's.”

lol let me get this straight, just because it's a small map and “fast gameplay” then they're shouldn't be a comparison to a game with vehicles and “slower paced gameplay”? .

this article is extremely stupid, I understand that you're saying cod's a frantic shooter and bfbc2 is more tactical shoote. But isn't that a good comparison right there?

or how about a comparison about the variety of gameplay in bfbc2 or lack there of in mw2?

inSaneELF3660d ago

No, the article is saying the games shouldn't be compared in the sense that one is better than the other.

Delta3660d ago

But one is better than the other. (BFBC2)

Millah3660d ago

Just because they're both shooters doesn't mean the gameplay styles are similar. They're two completely different games. This article completely nails it. You're the one who is completely missing the point of it.

It's like saying Ghost Recon 1 and Unreal Tournament 3 are the same thing since they're both technically "shooters." Thats like comparing apples to oranges, two entirely different approaches to "shooters."

ape0073660d ago

man their gameplay approach is different, yes they both are in the same gener but in different ways

GT\forza is racing and nfs\burnout\wipeout are racing too, should we compare them directly??

NO, much like bad company and call of duty

to me Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best games I've ever played, the amount of amazement and fun this game have is almost unreal

CyberCam3660d ago

you guys keep forgetting that BFBC2 also has small infantry only maps/gamplay (squad team deathmatch & squad gold rush). So to me they are comparable... it's just that BFBC2 has a whole lot more variety!

GarandShooter3660d ago

So ELF, you've never said one game was better than another?

And if you have you know what that makes you...

Starts with an H...

First two syllables sound like a large African animal...

bjornbear3660d ago

is that they WILL be compared in the retail store

you see two cover arts with soldiers, hinting FPS warfare action of the current day - they are direct competition in the market place, no argument

all the mates that i played MW2 with are now going to get BF:BC2 over it, because like i've said before, in my opinion (and the opinion of a few others)

BF:BC2 is everything MW2 is in terms of unlocks, shooter mechanics, and graphics (if not better), but ALSO:

destructible enviroments

big open levels

vehicles (land air and sea)

and my personal favorite: bullet drop =D

which all adds up to a much richer "warfare" feel.

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jack who3660d ago

Bad Company 2 is a drunk mans Modern Warfare 2

Michael-Jackson3660d ago

No Delta, Halo is a kiddy FPS.

W-k3660d ago

@ jack who that's weird i was actually playing bfbc2 demo drunk today......stalker.heh funniest part i was top player on my team and i was playing like sh!t lol

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