Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Bundle Announced

Final Fantasy bundle for xbox 360 announced


- LE 250GB Black (White? Boxart is white, description says black...) Xbox 360 (Doesn't appear to have any FF branding)
- 2 black (white? again, boxart and promo show white...) controllers (for a 1 player game...kidding, still awesome)
- AV Cable
- Headset
- Network cable
- Copy of FF XIII

for $399

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-Alpha3667d ago

Wait, is that standard price for an Elite?

Some branding would have been nice.

Doesn't the PS3 have a FF bundle too?

Anyways, smart attempt at trying to bite into the sales, but I doubt it will affect the PS3 ratio much.

ClownBelt3667d ago

I disagree. There are a lot of fans stuck on the PS2 waiting for something like this. MS did the right thing, and I hope to god they succeed. I want Sony to get screwed so bad, because of how fricking slow they act.

Edit. Elite is $299 I think.

lloyd_wonder3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

A $199 Xbox didn't stop people from buying a $299 PS3; nor will this bundle stop people from buying a PS3 for FFXIII.

mikeslemonade3667d ago

Moneyhats! Americans are dumb they will buy this. Microsoft up to there ways of tricking the consumer. Even though the PS3 version is better than the 360, Microsoft manages to make it seem like Final Fantasy XIII is exclusive to 360.

Saaking3667d ago

lmao, MS is trying so hard to be like PlayStation yet they'll never even come close. They may have gotten a former third party exclusives to go multiplat, but Sony still has their defining first party. Games MS will NEVER have.

And seriously, if anyone believes that box is real, get your eyes checked. There so many signs of it being fake. It's not funny.

blue7xx73667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

It's fake just look at the controllers edges you can obviously tell its shopped same with the console itself. It would be cool if its true but yeah this looks fake. Maybe they will announce it at that event.

iamtehpwn3667d ago

2 controllers and FFXIII? Why give 2 controllers and a single player game..

DailyAddict3667d ago

Besides the fact that you can see the horrible black outlines of the controllers and the white 360, the boxart for the game clearly says "Only on Xbox 360" so this is obviously fake and GI should be ashamed for even posting this. I'm not saying it's not possible, but THIS is definitely fake.

baum3667d ago

Perceived exclusives FTW.

Noctis Aftermath3667d ago

Once again a stupid article(obviously fake) gets approved even though it has over a dozen reports.

GreenRingOfLife3667d ago

I'm definitely gonna get the 360 version now! I'll just install all the discs to my harddrive so I won't have the need to swap discs

militant073667d ago

because xbox360 can only play FFXIII?!

qface643667d ago

anyone else finding it odd that all these sites are running with the story and showing it as a fact without any OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION???

just thought it was a little silly

hay3667d ago

Lol, "Only on Xbox 360". WTF? :D

Sarcasm3667d ago

This is so fake it hurts... The "Only on Xbox360" tag and terrible photoshopping skills is a dead giveaway.

JoySticksFTW3667d ago

When I played LO, I still had to swap disks even though I had all four disks installed to harddrive. Not an issue, but there it is. I expect the same from FFXIII

Getting this on PS3. It just seems right

execution173667d ago

a white 360:O whats this world coming too... lol
just wish we can get that lightning PS3 stateside

slayorofgods3667d ago

The power of photo shop. Someone has too much time on their hands.

N4BmpS3667d ago

I guess we Have a new idiot on board(referring to Clown something) anyway MS can do this I think Sony already released a PS3 Bundle in Japan. They have yet to announce a NA version of this bundle sooooo yeah however, I doubt this is even true. Even though square is kinda close playing the field we would have to see.

duplissi3667d ago

@ Greenringoflife

it doesnt work like that, i installed both mass effect 2 disks to my hard drive and i still need to swap disks. keep reaching though its cute....

SkyGamer3667d ago

It is funny how people scream first party when LAST gen it was completely backwards. ps2 dominated with third party and Xbox had to create new IP's and had a stellar First Party line-up. Look at where it got MS? They came in at a very distant second place. If it weren't for the fluke of the Wii, X360 would have been first place following sony's business strategy in the first place.

Either which way companies like Capcom and Square-Enix will pledge full support for the MS brand because they are making money. (At least with Capcom) When Square-Enix bought Eidos, that just confirmed all the more they are shifting western and you will even see a lot more SE games landing on the PC platform since they already have a studio that excels at PC coding. I personally think that MS has A LOT of money invested in SE and time will tell if SE shifts their focus on MS platforms in the future. This is great news if you are a PC gamer. Maybe we can finally get FF9, FFX, FFX-2, FF12, FF13 and so on for PC. I guess time will tell.

pixelsword3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Gaming journalism: home of the "two things having it, yet it's exclusive".


vhero3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Wow so many errors its unreal. The elites black yet it shows a white 360. It has 2 controllers yet the games single player?? I call fake. At least to this flyer anyways... There will be a bundle in stores anyways as every game is in a bundle in a game store. They are really meaningless these things.

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ClownBelt3667d ago

Gotta give MS the props for their marketing department. They are the very best in what they do. I mean, we still haven't heard anything from Sony. So slow.

saint_john_paul_ii3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

you actually think current PS2 owners will buy a 360 for FFXIII, when its on the PS3, the superior version?

BTW look at the Box art, "ONLY ON XBOX" WTF? I lold...

ClownBelt3667d ago

They wait for bundles and such.

LordMarius3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

well if you are talking about PS2 FF fans waiting to jump on board, then wouldn't they buy a PS3 to play both FF13 and versus?

And clearly Sony doesn't care about FF13 anymore since they already received their bounty from Japan, and they have their own game to promote in March ;)

toyuts3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I'm pretty sure that Ms gave a huge amount (starting from 50 million is my guess not sure.) to bring the game to 360 so they don't lose customers. Besides the smarter thing that Sony did was make it exclusive for the Largest Fan Base of FF in the world... Japan. Ms isa also going to pay 50 Million + (i don't know i think) for call of duty to have a 6 month exclustivy for mw2 maps. Yea Ms is REALLY smart. You just don't have the abilty to find out that the ps3 exclusive in japan sold 1.8 million copies AND had a REAL bundle. Yea ms has great marketing they should stick to the games they have... I LOVE MASS EFFECT 2 and no real bundle (that i heard of), well i already have an 360 and ps3 but i'm more sony side cuz i played FF 7 on playstation
till ff12 on ps2. Better hope natal's worth it

user8586213667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

yhh you make total sense,

play ff7 on the ps1
play ff8 on the ps1
play ff9 on the ps1
play ff10 on the ps2
play ff10-2 on the ps2
play ff12 on the ps2
play ff13 on the 360

people will totaly be comfortable playing it on a different console

and the sales will totally be on the ps3 side because ps3 owners are hungry for a good jrpg since it's launch

1 million at most for the 360 since lost odyssey didn't sell that much and is from the "creator" of final fantasy

Cueil3667d ago

FF1-6 Nintendo
FF7-10 and 12 Sony
FF11,13,14 Multiplatform
Looks like Nintendo has the win on the exclusive main titles... oh we have a bunch of offshoots but then you'll have to track all those stupid things down so we'll just still with main series

table3667d ago

FF4,5 and 6 actually all got a ps1 release.

vhero3666d ago

they wait for bundles?? You think ps2 FF fans will switch to 360 over PS3 because of a bundle?? You are crazy! What a stupid reason. Beside as for Sony being slow Sony announced the PS3 FFXIII bundle months ago.. Japan even got a special edition PS3 for the game..

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3667d ago
Wrathman3667d ago

this wont sell.jrpg's are dead in the west.

day 1 purchase for, aint that right old boys.


I smell jealousy from buthurt ps3 fangirls.

You guys have your own bundle, but its only available in Japan "I THINK" so why brag about it?

Microsoft is great at making great bundles that are AVAILABLE to ppl in America!
Halo 3 bundle
Residente Evil bundle
Modern Warfare 2 bundle!
and now this!

Well i wont be buying this game.
Looks, smells, and it is going to be a bad game!

If you want to play this game, go to japan and celebrate with your asian brothers over their you ps3 fangirls!

devsgreat3667d ago

something on that image that doesnt fit...
FF+MS doesnt look good, maybe its just me

Kamikaze1353667d ago

Final Fantasy VII and VIII were PC as well...also, FFXI was on the PC and 360. People should be used to seeing FF and Microsoft together.

LordMarius3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Grasping at straws here MS

Also your bundle fails

Wrathman3667d ago

sweet lookin ps3.if only i was stupid enuff to trade in my ps3 phat for a slim.oh well.the droids will buy it to sit along side theirs.

DigitalHorror813667d ago

What a beautiful PS3 Slim! I love it! How much do these ones go for, Marius? I've seen the Metal Gear one, but have to say, if I had to choose, I'd gladly take the Final Fantasy one. Just stunning.