5 Tips To Avoid Colorful Lights of Death On Your PS3 and Xbox 360

O.G. writes "When our systems stop working, we have our local video game repair guy to get them back up and running. Recently, he gave us some tips to keep our system from breaking down again."

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cmrbe4148d ago

here is a tip for x360 fans x360.

Don't turn it on.

Dutch Boogie4148d ago

"Keep your Xbox 360 playtime around 5 hours at most"

I think this is the most important part of the whole article.
I'd be surprised if it could even last 3 hours going by past experiences.

bunfighterii4147d ago

Not that I'd get near 5 hours in a single gaming session personally, but what an indictment on the cheap build quality of the system if you can't play it the way you want without it breaking down...

I've had 2 break down on me, but hopefully my third holds up (knocks on wood). But I can see why they broke down because I used to have them in a rumpus room that would get extremely hot in summer, always over 30 degrees in there and it didn't cool down at night. If there was one room you should never use something that was prone to overheating in, it was that room. That said, my PS3 never had a problem in there.

Since I've moved both consoles into my bedroom (with a much nicer TV and sound system ;)), which is air conditioned and they're in open space on top of a desk and not in a cabinet.

I think the best tips are these to keep any system running:
1) Regularly dust the system and around it- I dust the desk and around the consoles twice a week with a wet cloth.

2) Have them in an open space, with at as little clutter around them as possible, and if the back is to a wall (where the fan is) give it at least a foot of space so the hot air the fans pump out flows away, you don't want it cycling back in. I've moved my desk back from the wall a bit too so the air can flow away from the fans. You don't want clutter around them acting like insulation, and that includes another console. Avoid TV cabinets if you can, they turn into little hotboxes.

3) Never put anything on top of the systems

mithril4147d ago

add this fan to your console

TheDudeAbides4147d ago

I take good care of my ps3, I happen to play more than 12hours straight soemtimes, and its ok so far.
But tips are always helpful :)

Perjoss4147d ago

I've left my 360 on for days on many occasions. My launch xbox was crap, red lights once and disc read errors, I swapped it for an elite and its fantastic, no problems for over a year, and once the games are installed its even quieter than my ps3.

FamilyGuy4147d ago

Hmm? Know way that the laser could have been sold out due to an increase in the manufacturing of blu-ray players huh?

I use my PS3 for EVERYTHING. Everything you can do with it I DO with the exception of remote play. My PS3 is almost 3 years old now and still going strong. The only suggestion that should be made for PS3s is proper ventilation and clear the vents of dust.

xTruthx4147d ago

Ive played over 24 hours straight on my PS3 with my friends lol

pixelsword4147d ago

...the vertical tip is incorrect from what I hear.

If I'm not mistaken, having it vertical blocks off some of the vents, which restricts airflow; and it increases the chance of it getting knocked-over, which could damage the system.

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PandemicPrawn04148d ago

Installing games to the 360's HDD is great for helping it run cool and quiet.

Since I've had the 120gb elite I have been installing every game I play and it's been fantastic, faster load times and the console hardly makes a sound.

duplissi4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

thats what ive been doing since i got it and i dont have to deal with the jet turbine of a dvd drive that the 360 has... although i only have 20gbs left, now when are those 250s gonna be out in the US? wish i could just slap a 2.5 sata in without worrying like i did with my ps3 :(

whitesoxfalife4147d ago

i took my elite back after having it for 1 week when they announce the mw2 bundle so plz use the install option for ya 360 and ya ps3 it will last longer and plus u can buy some of the games from their respective dashdoard and the sony store

toyuts4148d ago

make it scratch the disk?

PandemicPrawn04148d ago

I heard it did.

So I keep mine flat just to be safe.

But I guess it won't rally matter if I'm running games off the HDD.

hay4147d ago

Yeah it does. Scratched my GTA right after I put it inside. Way to piss of the owner, huh?

Sitdown4147d ago

while its on with the disc spinning.

DelbertGrady4147d ago

Nope. Had mine vertical for 3 years. It's only if you move it around while the disc is loading. And why anyone would do that is beyond me.

whitesoxfalife4147d ago

no not really if u take care of it lol

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exnihilonihilfit4148d ago

I was told that you should keep your system horizontal because the vents (on the PS3 at least) are on the side. If you keep it vertical, warm air stays trapped inside. Heat from the bottom also has a long travel upward in order to get out, so it concentrates heat along the middle and at the top of the system and since one of the vents is blocked, it just lingers inside. This may be different in the case of the Xbox, but if the vents are on the sides, then keep it horizontal. The best tip they give is just not to play your system for too long. If possible keep your play time to 4 hours or less, and that's not just good for your system, but good for your health and for your social/family life.

armycore4148d ago

Just stop spreading wrong information. Look at your PS3 again. The side vents you're talking about are on the side where the drive and lights are. That is not the side you put the PS3 on. You put it on the other side, which if you look at it now, has no vents or any opening whatsoever. You've been told wrong.

bunfighterii4147d ago


The bottom (when vertical) has no vents just the slot to change the HDD. The main vent system where the fans are is on the rear, and there are vents without fans on the top- on a pre-slim model.

Overheating is not really an issue with the PS3 anyway, its cooling system is quite good if your system is well placed- problems with PS3's are usually manufacturing defects and the BD drive conking out. But its rarely an issue, failure rates for the PS3 are well advertised to be within the acceptable industry standard.

Sitdown4147d ago

concerning my the guy who repaired it. He said it was best to leave it flat when playing it.

Cenobia4147d ago (Edited 4147d ago )

Thermal imaging shows horizontal is better. They were designed to sit horizontally.


Also, vertical increases the likelihood of the console falling over.

Edit: NM, NJ Shadow found the link a while ago.

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NJShadow4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

This article is incredibly inaccurate. They've done thermal tests which prove that using a console vertically created MORE heat, as opposed to using it horizontally. UGH.

BTW, I've had my PS3 for over 3 years and I haven't had a problem yet (it's the original 60GB model upgraded to 250GB). How about people just use common sense when using their consoles and TAKE CARE OF IT.

Evocation4147d ago

Tip 5 hardly prevents it.
half the tips are basically saying don't use your console
and the others are wrong...
Yet they miss the biggest tip, keep it clear of dust. If the vents of the fans get clogged then that going to cause some heat problems.

harlem_v14147d ago

Care to back that comment up about vertical being bad? Everything out there says that vertical is better because he rises and there are additional vents on the side that points up.

NJShadow4147d ago

Yes, I would like to back that up. Here's the link: http://playstation.joystiq....

lightningsax4147d ago (Edited 4147d ago )

I remember the Polygamia article also. The problem with the vertical placement of the old PS3's was that the heat was rising from the bottom to critical parts of the system.

There's all kinds of advice that people give, and it's all different based on what type of tech they're using to figure this out. I'd follow your instruction manual first, and then maybe find good, cited evidence about this - not just a list with some anecdata like this one.

However, let's not all assume that console breakage is a result of neglect - some consoles will break regardless of the TLC you give them, even when they have a steady track record. It's technology - Murphy's Law always applies.

harlem_v14147d ago

The image on most articles just show the horizontal image and that it must be cooler because the image is taken from the front. But if you look at the double picture, you see the numbers for the vertical is actually lower and that the vertical was taken from the back not the front: In any case, it's far from scientifically proving anything and actually goes against physics being that the hot air travels up hence the vent that is open on the top side when it's vertical.

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