Bad Company 2 Gets Day One DLC

Battlefield: Bad Company's two pieces of downloadable content were free. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will have some freebies but DICE intends to release premium DLC as well.

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-Alpha3664d ago

And not content withheld.

Oh, and I really hope they don't pull off cheap crap like exclusive tanks, power ups, or guns. That's just unfair and screws with the balancing. Skins, maps, campaign stories, etc. I don't mind, but I hate the game where you have to pay for guns, it's very stupid.

EvilCackle3664d ago

Nah, buying power-ups is still too taboo for anyone to try. The worst they'd probably do is give you unlockables quicker than everyone else - which really isn't a bonus in my view because it's giving you one less goal to attain in the game.

Digitaldude3664d ago

Day 1 dlc isn't really dlc

Blaze9293664d ago

bet you it's KB sized DLC for some skins and "weapon unlocks".

SilentNegotiator3664d ago

Don't worry, I'm sure Lamestop has a plan to screw us over.

evrfighter3664d ago

if premium content is visual goodies only then I can care less, I won't buy it.

But if we're talking weapons, and upgrades...I guess that means one of my two pre-orders is gonna be cancelled.

TheBand1t3664d ago

Why on earth do you need two preorders?

evrfighter3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I have 2 gaming pc's, a 360, and a ps3. I have a big family and because of their financial situation I'm the source of my brothers and cousins video game entertainment.

For the time being I'm gonna wait until they announce what this premium content is before I go and cancel my extra pre-order though. It won't be an issue to me if its just skins or apparel type items.

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rdgneoz33664d ago

Starting the game off facing someone with high end unlockables who's just starting off as well isn't always the funnest.

Teabag3663d ago

The problem is that you do come up against people who have played for a while, and so know the maps and the ins and outs, and have all the unlockables.

So you are faced with an experienced player who also has the benefit of the unlockables.

This makes it more difficult for the beginner or casual player, who just can't afford the time to get the unlockables.

I would prefer either a level playing field (where everybody has the same weapons, and only skill and game knowledge is the difference). Otherwise I would like the ability to buy the unlockables, so that I can compete fairly with people who can commit the large amount of time to unlocking them.

It seems reasonable to me, the other player gets the benefit of the practice they have put in, but not the double whammy of practice AND unlockables.

Of course, you then get the problem that people who can afford to spend more get a benefit over those that can't, which is why my real preference is no unlockables - but I would be prepared to pay.

toyuts3664d ago

i hate EA there screwing us over with prenuium that should've been on the game if its DAY ONE dlc or a week passed dlc. theres just using DLC as a diversion to make you pay money


It could all fit on one systems/console format but not another...


drzmvp5543664d ago

i dont know if i should enjoy what EA is doing or dislikeing what there doing, i think its cool that these trying to give people free dlc but at the same time i think all this free dlc is supposed to be in the game already, i dont know what to believe

mikepmcc3664d ago

There's about a month's worth of time between the code being finalized and the game being on shelves, which allows devs to continue creating content during this period, thus having a bigger "finished" game.

ballsofsteel3664d ago

as long and the day one DLC is free it's find by me

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The story is too old to be commented.