The worst games money can buy - PS3

Part 2 of our series chronicling the worst games available on consoles past and present. Here we look at the PS3's library and realise that as the youngest console it still has some real stinkers. All scores are from and this part includes gameplay footage from the offending games.

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andy16643661d ago

same order as on metacritic ? did the author really do any research

BeaArthur3660d ago

Probably not. They maybe did a little to write the little excerpt about each game but that's about it.

FishCake9T43660d ago

Every Need For Speed game IMO. Ill stick to PD and Codemasters.

Panzerkanzler3660d ago

HAZE was the worst $hit I've ever played. It was extremely ugly, buggy and had crappy voice acting, worthless story and one of the most moronic AI:s I've seen during the last ten years.

Socomer 19793660d ago

The only game i regret buying.
it was so bad. i blame the unreal engine 3.

Hellsvacancy3660d ago

Why is it under PS3? all those games r on the 360 aswel