CO-OP Live premieres today with viewer participation

"You may have seen this announcement already, but here's the post where we spill our guts on all the details. Can we do this?? YES! Can we do it without screwing up, live, for the world to see? Probably not.

Essentially, the course of our new show is thus: we're going to shoot and mix game review/preview, interview and--a first for us--game demo segments live on the show. We'll have as many guests on as we can as per the CO-OP norm and once a conversation is over, we'll bring in you, the audience, for your thoughts on what was just said. Now's your change to tell Ryan and I, directly, that we're idiots for not liking Demon's Souls. Also, you'll have your chance to make fun of us to our virtual faces for making extremely hyperbolic claims or badly forming our sentences as we're not going to be able to edit them out like we normally do. What, you thought we only edited around gameplay footage? Oh ho ho, if you only really knew the kind of shit that's hit the cutting room floor... Well, I guess now you will.

Make sure to follow coop_live on Twitter and during certain times of the show we'll be using that to talk directly with you. Revision3 apparently has some kind of live chat-room software that could possibly be up as well.

Here's a summary of the details"
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- The show starts on Tuesdays at 4PM PST/7PM EST SHARP!
- Tweet to @COOP_live during our fan segments to get in on the act
- If you miss the show, it will be recorded and put out on the regular iTunes feed later tonight."

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''that we're idiots for not liking Demon's Souls''


ASSASSYN 36o3664d ago

WTF is this. I thought battlefield was announcing coop!

Motion3664d ago

they (not these people, dice) said that they do want to put co-op in the game, though didn't specify if it would make the release or even be realized anytime soon.