A Wii Fracture

The New England Journal of Medicine reports: "In the United Kingdom, a healthy 14-year-old girl presented to the emergency department at Horton General Hospital in Banbury (near Oxford), having sustained an injury to her right foot with associated difficulty in mobilization. She had been playing on her Wii Fit balance board and had fallen off, sustaining an inversion injury. (The Wii Fit replaces handheld controls with a pressure-sensitive board about 2 in. off the ground that lets the user participate in tricky games that can improve balance.)"

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EvilCackle3171d ago

At first I thought this article was about a port of that game with the earthquake guns.

guitarded773171d ago

Me too then I found out it was something far less tragic and composed myself... Even with all the shovel-ware for the Wii, they don't deserve LA's Fracture. That game was a turd.

Myst3171d ago

Why is it that this story is reported as a duplicate twice, but then is approved by a Admin?

Anyway, I wonder exactly how she fell to do damage like that, maybe she was standing on it and slipped with her foot twisting in a contorted way?

You know in the U.S. I bet someone would have sued :p.

ThanatosDMC3171d ago

Isnt it her fault that she fell?