Birth By Sleep Was Originally Planned For PS2

The next issue of Famitsu Weekly is set to contain an interview with the developers of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, snippets of the interview have been found online and translated.

One snippet talks about the origins of Birth by Sleep.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3662d ago

as we have seen many games go the PSP to PS2 route.

Evildoomnerd3662d ago

I own Silent hill Origins, KH: Chain of Memories and both Vice City and Liberty City stories on my 60 gig PS3 and I plan on picking up the Syphon Filter games as well. I Never had anything against the PSP, but something like BBS would be better played with a Dualshock in my opinion.

colonel1793662d ago

You can play Resistance: Retribution with the Dualshock 3, so I think the option is there, it is just that developers don't take advantage of it... or any ps3 feature for that matter

tunaks13662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

i would rather play this on my PS2 :)
Not hating my PSP or anything but it would be more comfortable (and there would be easier camera controls) on the ps2.

reading the article this quote stuck out,
"Speaking of its scale, there was concern for the number of people able to make an HD game."
so they were originally making it for the PS2, but their concerned about the number of people able to make HD games? Odd, yet quite exciting.

amobius3662d ago

I would have definitely got this game if it was for the ps2, im still hoping sony will make a psp game emulator for the ps3 so we can play games like this and chains of olympus

ShinGundam3662d ago

FFXIII was planned for PS2 so expect a port with TOWNS!11!111/S


junk-3d3662d ago

I agree, I would have loved to play this game on my PS2. Hopefully they will port the PSP game to the PS2. I mean they have done it for many games and Kingdom Hearts is to big of a franchise to miss this treatment.

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