Life-to-date sales data for Level-5 games

Level-5 reveals the sales data to their internally developed video games that include White Knight Chronicles in addition to the Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest and Professor Layton series.

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qface643668d ago

looks like they have been doing the best working with the DS and their partnership with square-enix

gaffyh3667d ago

"Jeanne d'Arc - 0.21 million copies worldwide"

Now I feel sad :(, this game is amazing, buy it people!

-Alpha3668d ago

Surprise how little it sold compared to the original and other titles


But I still liked the first one better

Shendow3668d ago

Dragon Quest sells good, then again. The last one I play for PS2 was fun.

wicko3668d ago

Really weak sales for Jeanne d'Arc, such a good game too. If you like games like FF Tactics, this game is a must buy.

rambler3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Its weird how everyone refers to FF Tactics as a good/stable/main example of SRPG's. I personally think its garbage and shouldn't even be compared to Jeanne D'Arc, which is easily one of the greatest games ive ever played.

That said "Jeanne d'Arc - 0.21 million", is really dissapointing.


Has a very big piracy problem...and a general lack of interest

devsgreat3668d ago

i believe the next game of level 4 will be dragon quest...ps3

ZombieAutopsy3668d ago

Would be nice, or a new Dark Cloud or a Dark Cloud Re-make.

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