Xbox Is Dead; 360 Has Already Won

Unlike the PS2 which to this day has been living a healthy life alongside it's younger sibling PS3, the same story cannot be written for the original Xbox.

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HighDefinition3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

The 360 won nothing. The Wii sold more and the PS3 is the more capable system. Beating the original Xbox in sales? Almost every system to ever release has.


movements3671d ago

If you'd only read the piece, you'd realize it wasn't about Xbox against PS3 or Wii.

It's talking about Xbox and Xbox 360, in the sense that the latter has already done way better than the one before it.

Read guys.

-Alpha3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

@Hi Def

You pull out just the title and conclude that you're "done"? Read the article. It has nothing to do with the PS3 or Wii, it was a comparison between the Xbox and 360. No need to get defensive over the title. 360 Has already won in relation to the original Xbox, notice the semi-colon joining the two subjects?


Like Hi Def has proven, people don't even bother to read the article, which really shows you how terrible the approval system is. Look at the reporting history and how people assumed something totally different from the actual article (only one person actually gave an explanation, the rest just spammed the "lame" button).

Lifendz3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

360 is a better console (by far) and XBL has improved immensely but with the original Xbox MS was known for building a console that was reliable to say the least. 360 has shaken that

Hanif-8763671d ago

"Xbox 360 has done its job, and will go down in history as one of the most amazing pieces of hardware ever forged." WTF? Are you fuucking kidding me RROD and lets not forget last generation DVD9 and not even a built in WiFi this article is total crap.

deadreckoning6663671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Ummm...where have you been? XBL is a national phenomenon. If it wasn't for the original Xbox, who knows how far online gaming on consoles would have gone. If XBL never existed, PSN would have never existed. Thats a FACT.

Try and give credit to where its due.

blind-reaper3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

"Unlike the PS2 which to this day has been living a healthy life alongside it's younger sibling PS3, the same story cannot be written for the original Xbox."

Fanboy bait at its best!

blue7xx73671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

lol It's done very for itself the xbox 360 it has sold 40 million xbox 360's which the first xbox couldn't ever manage to do in the same time frame. So regardless of who has sold the most consoles I don't think you can call the xbox 360 a failure even if its not in first place it's beaten all expectations it had.

Like Deadreckoning said you guys have to give credit where it's due put the whole fan boy thing to the side. Its not like any of the 3 are doing bad they are all doing great. Like Movements said also no one is comparing the xbox 360 to the ps3 or wii its comparing them to the Xbox 1.

Godmars2903671d ago

Not that I have or will, but from the title I can gleam that its comparing the 360's success, as a console that launched well a year ahead of its competition with only one strong market in the US, against its predecessor, a system's who only real market was the US.

All its likely doing is ignoring the 360 failings as it was outsold by the Wii and is now losing ground against the PS3.

The Xbox is dead, and so long as you ignore the other systems, the 360 has won. but so what?

ForROME3671d ago

The orginal Xbox was more cap as well however did it win? No

Xbox is the PS2 of this gen and SONY is the og Xbox

One has more library and is less powerful and has sold more

the wii, are you kidding unless were bankers here who cares, its a cheap sell that will have to get out of the race way before all of them, they are moot

-Alpha3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

The article has won over the original Xbox. That's all the article is saying, it's a comparison between the two MS products. Why bring in other consoles? It's irrelevant. Yes, Nintendo is dominating this gen, but that's irrelevant to the comparison.

It's like bringing Digimon cards to a Pokemon Card trading event.

And why read the article? To understand the entirety, that's why! You don't just make wild accusations off of the title. The surprising thing is that the title itself doesn't state that the 360 has "won" against the PS3 or Wii yet people insecurely jump to that conclusion.

@Hi Def

So you assumed that this article didn't fall in the 10% of articles that aren't "sh*t"? Sorry, you've proven that you jumped to an hasty conclusion. It isn't about being "riled up" so please don't use ad hominens and call people fanboys for calling out your error. You assumed something of the article's title that wasn't what was intended and then tried to defend your assumption by stating "360 hasn't won nothing" by telling us how well the PS3 and Wii are doing... yet the article was about the Original Xbox and 360. Maybe the title wasn't so simply stated but you should have read the article.

Edit: I didn't say that you were talking to me, hence why I said "don't call people fanboys" and not "Dont call me a fanboy".

HighDefinition3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

and I realized this, 90% of the articals are sh!t. So to tell you the truth if it REALLY interests me I`ll read it, but most of the time I don`t. Let`s be real gaming journalism isn`t exactly.....professional. Anyway, sometimes I just comment on titles, if the bothers you, you got problems.

I hold no system as god, I like my PS3 more than my 360, I like gaming in general even more. It`s not my problem you insecure fanboys get all riled up by my comments.

I don`t give a sh!t I own almost every system ever made, but like I said 360 won nothing, if anything they lost more than they had w/ the 1st xbox in terms of quality 1st party devolpers, which in the end is what REALLY matters for building a solid company. Look at Nintendo, they LIVE from their 1st party. Sony 1st party is rock solid as well. So yeah, I guess MS won something by dumping boat loads of $$$ on developers to get timed exclusives that are also on the PC. That`s I guess what you call a WIN, WIN, right?

edit: Sorry, I miss read I apologize.

3671d ago
HighDefinition3671d ago

"Ummm...where have you been? XBL is a national phenomenon. If it wasn't for the original Xbox, who knows how far online gaming on consoles would have gone. If XBL never existed, PSN would have never existed. Thats a FACT."

Best reply to my comment. If anything MS did make everyone step their online game up.

GreenRingOfLife3671d ago

But that doesn't mean Sony has lost. sony is still a great company with fantastic games but in terms of sales i dont know if the PS3 can catch up.

I guess we will find out how much sales boost when arc and NATAL come out

Saaking3671d ago

The 360 will be remembered as the most unreliable failure prone hardware in history, as the console that continuously ripped off it's fanbase, and it's terribly mannered devs. In a few years, the 360 will not be remembered. It has not done enough to become a "classic console" like the PS1, PS2, NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.

deadreckoning6663671d ago

"The 360 will be remembered as the most unreliable failure prone hardware in history, as the console that continuously ripped off it's fanbase, and it's terribly mannered devs. In a few years, the 360 will not be remembered. It has not done enough to become a "classic console" like the PS1, PS2, NES, SNES, Genesis, etc."

Saaking, your a fool. Straight up. If it wasn't for XBL, PSN would be a JOKE. Why is Sony scrambling to get a party system and cross game voice chat? Because they know that the 360 has it and they want it too. If you can't acknowledge that XBL paved the way for online console gaming for other consoles, u don't deserve to pick up a gaming controller.

-Alpha3671d ago

Halo 3 is easily the biggest title on the 360, so yes, it will be remembered considering that it's ahead of the PS3 and has been infused more in media than the PS3. By that logic the PS3 isn't a "classic" console either

The "Xbox" brand is well popular.

Guitarded3671d ago

So insecure that "360 has already won" is all they need to go off on some rant tangent.

ON topic, I will always remember my time spent with Xbox and Live. Good times indeed. Duke controller forever!

Mottsy3671d ago

lucky people love ps3 fans here. cos ur comment had nothing to do with what the article actually stated. Believe it or not there are more to just the titles of the article; Anyways. the xbox 360 did do a amazing job compared to the old xbox. i know lots of gamers get mad at the fact they use $$ to out buy certain exclusives and make them multi plat. But is that really such a bad thing. for once there lookin out for the gamer and doing what the last xbox failed to do. get as much games as possible to us.

SaberEdge3671d ago

HighDefinition, you are such a moronic fanboy.

The Xbox 360 is a great console and I really enjoy owning it. It has done better than the original Xbox and has carved out a nice market share.

Godmars2903671d ago

Wasn't there a literal epidemic of RRoD when Halo 3 came out? I mean consoles were dying with the game in it.

ShinRyuHadoken3671d ago

How on earth does 360 win if worldwide sales are so bad.

and why is my post deleted by mod? Seems like mods are 360 fans?

silvacrest3671d ago

". If it wasn't for XBL, PSN would be a JOKE"

im sure PSN was heavily influenced by live but to say it would be a joke without it? i doubt it

sony, throughout this gen are known for improving on pretty much anything they make, why would PSN not follow suit?

if only MS was influenced by sony and improved their first parties

SL1M DADDY3671d ago

Agreed. So in terms of Xbox fans, we should all give thanks to the PS2 for the Xbox 360 having a DVD drive?

In the end, Sony having an online network is the product of time and as with anything else in each of the consoles, it was only a matter of time that they gained these features. Sure you can attribute the implementation of these features towards another console but there is no giving credit where credit is due in the business of gaming.

leyego3670d ago

totaly agree.
the snes and nes where great because of the games they had and they never broke. ps1, ps2 also had the games and never broke.

the xbox360 will go the way of the sega saturn. people will love it, but it just can't compete.

NinjaAssassin3670d ago

what? r u seriously saying the ps2 never broke? did i read that right?
the ps2 broke all the time. sony had to be sued over it in fact.

360 has great games and only the earlier 360 had the hardware issues. i think fair gamers will always appreciate most of what the 360 has done.

Pekka3670d ago

"How on earth does 360 win if worldwide sales are so bad. "

360 is ahead of PS3 by 5 million worldwide so I wouldn't call sales as bad. PS3 may get past 360 but it will probably take couple of years. If 360 sales are bad then PS3 sales have been horrible. Especially considering how popular PS2 was and now PS3 may only barely reach second place (third, if we count DS). PS3 will never get any significant lead over 360 and vice versa (significant means at least 10 million lead, anything less is meaningless).

I would say neither 360 nor PS3 has won, Wii won this generation (or DS if you count handhelds). Even after PS3 price cut and new model Wii still sells a lot more than PS3 worldwide. Actually more than 360 and PS3 combined. It doesn't matter that Wii has more "casual" gamers or not, they still won.

Btw. I don't even own 360 or Wii (I only own PS3) but at least I admit the truth. PS3 has not won anything and never will.

slayorofgods3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Does a victory against the original xbox mean anything?

Microsoft set out to take the market away from Sony this generation with their deeper pockets. They spent billions of dollars to secure 3rd party games, however due to the demand of the ps3 those games found their way back to Sony one by one. Some of Microsoft's attempts such as buying out the Japan market failed miserably as they lost millions on square-enix alone. Currently, Microsoft has given up on this technique and is now focusing their resources on Natal instead. If Natal fails to dig into Nintendo's market then we might see Microsoft pull out of the gaming department all together.

The 360 has not won yet in terms of revenue, we will see.

Dance3670d ago

Article has nothing to do with the PS3 or Wii

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Pennywise3671d ago

The only thing the 360 has definitely won so far is "Most unreliable console of all time".


ClownBelt3671d ago

I can't biatch. You stated a FACT!

-MD-3671d ago

I've had more PS2's die on me than 360's.

Obama3671d ago

The 360 has a higher failure rate than the ps2 and that is a fact.

deadreckoning6663671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

XBL is a national phenomenon. Thats a fact. If XBL wasn't as successful as it was in its early stages, do you honestly believe PSN would be where its at right now? If you ACTUALLY believe that PSN would be what it was right now without XBL ever existing, you don't deserve to call urself a gamer.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3671d ago

PS3 is in last place, the PS3 has had only one good year, and the PS3 has had nothing but flops and one good game to play this year.


cmrbe3671d ago

Dosen't know how many months in a year.


Oner3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

The PS3 is more reliable than the 360

The PS3 is the 3rd fastest console in history after the Wii & PS2 while the 360 is WAAAY down the list

The PS3 is overall more powerful than the 360 (hardware wise as well as 1st party exclusives PROVE this)

The PS3 has more disc space available for devs to utilize without constraints

A comparable 360 costs more that a PS3 and you STILL don't get all the bells and whistles

In November of this year LIVE! will have cost Xbox gamers since launch about $250 ~ BY ITSELF

Worldwide the PlayStation family of products WAAAAY outsell the Xbox line of products

Exclusives on the PS3 are TRULY the meaning of the term "exclusive" i.e. NOT available ANYWHERE else!

PS3 exclusives have no match on ANY console graphics wise

I could go on but I think you get the point/trend...Oh and ~


Edit @ Deadman64 below that is NOT a fact so it can be totally missed the whole point here ~ You = fail...argue that!

Deadman643671d ago

Half of PS3 owners bought a PS3 to use as a cheap BLU RAY PLAYER



Dutch Boogie3671d ago

Funny how these so called "journalists" fail to comprehend the fact that the x360 was released 1.8years in Euro alone ahead of the ps3. But yet the ps3 has been outselling it world wide since launch.

If the ps3 and x360 where released at the same time at the same cost, well lets just say these morons wouldn't be spouting this nonsense.

Guitarded3671d ago

Xbox is more reliable than the PS2. doesn't matter.

Lots of people really wanted a cheap blu ray player.Fact

Xbox is more powerful than PS2(THIRD PARTY GAMES PROVED THIS LOL) again, DOESN'T MATTER!

Multi disc is not a big deal to most.

Yet it's still selling pretty well isn't it? On par with the now feature for feature cheaper PS3. Must be killing you.

PS3tards must be poor.

Playstation family of products? Xbox product, no s. FAIL.

Sony only wish they had their own PC operating system!

Xbox had that distinction last gen. only on all games not just exclusives. Did you have an Xbox? Doesn't matter.

Only exclusives with big budgets. Most multi-plats are a joke on PS3.

So what else you got?

AngryTypingGuy3671d ago

This article reiterates what I've been saying all along: even if the PS3 overtakes the 360 in sales, the 360 has already accomplished it's goal of chipping away at Sony's massive marketshare lead with the previous generation and cementing MS's status as a permanent player in the console industry, whether critics like it or not.

PostApocalyptic3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

This article reeks of 360 fanboyism. All they are saying is "Look how far we've come." But they don't want you to notice that the PS3 is hot on its heels and growing.

As far as "already won." Oh how they speak so soon...

Anyone remember the xbots saying that the PS3 was "dooomed?"

gamer20103671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Remember the PS3 fanboys saying the 360 was doomed before it was even released? Now look at the way things turned out. The 360 is still ahead of the PS3 by 5 or 6 million and it is very unlikely the PS3 can catch up any time soon, if at all. And no matter what happens, even in the best case scenario for the PS3, the difference in overall sales will not be that great between the 360 and the PS3, unlike the large difference between the Xbox and PS2. That right there is a huge success for the Xbox brand.

Oner3670d ago

"Xbox is more reliable than the PS2. doesn't matter."

You do know that you the RROD actually came from the original Xbox right? But that doesn't even matter as the original Xbox had the same acceptable industry standard average for failure. The Gamecube, Xbox & PS2 were all within 2-3% so what I find really funny is how you fail to mention that % number! So your point is FALSE! The only reason why it "seemed" like a lot is because

2-3% of 145 Million is 2.9-4.35 Million for the PS2 which "seems like a lot! But compare that to

33+% of 37.5 Million is 12.38 Million+ for the 360 and you have a TOTALLY different perspective of which one TRULY is more reliable over the other

Now I have to add that even the 33% failure rate for the 360 is also a false number since even MS admitted about a while back that ALL 360's ARE PRONE TO FAILURE AND ARE DEFECTIVE. Then later they said with the revised MB (which is currently about 2 or 3 times ON TOP of that already since then) that they would not RROD but they continue to do so! Which means AGAIN that ALL 360's are prone to failure and are STILL defective...

"Lots of people really wanted a cheap blu ray player.Fact"

"Lots of people" is not Fact. It's your OPINION. Care to back that up with numerical proof? I bet you can't. Thus another "point" of yours is FALSE

"Xbox is more powerful than PS2(THIRD PARTY GAMES PROVED THIS LOL) again, DOESN'T MATTER!"

Yep it was. And yet the PS2 STILL won awards for titles like GT4 & GoW2! Plus I never said the original Xbox wasn't more powerful. It was, that is a fact (so far the only one you have actually said) but what I SPECIFICALLY said was the PS*3* is more powerful than the 360. But you didn't even try to disprove that did you now huh? LMFAO

"Multi disc is not a big deal to most."

Again YOUR OPINION on speaking for others is NOT fact. Thus another falsity.

"Yet it's still selling pretty well isn't it? On par with the now feature for feature cheaper PS3. Must be killing you."

Actually you are misinformed the 360's cheapest model arcade is NO MATCH feature for feature than the cheapest model PS3. No WIFI, No rechargeable controller, No HDD, No Blu-ray, Pay for LIVE! vs free PSN and etc. You really don't get it do you! It's not killing me, it's killing you & MS honestly.

"PS3tards must be poor."

More of your OPINION I see. Not fact buddy.

"Playstation family of products? Xbox product, no s. FAIL."

It's still a fact that the PS line of products sell better as a whole (remember PS2, PSP & PS3 are all gaming consoles) and for anyone to limit their view on this fact just shows their ignorance and naivety!

"Sony only wish they had their own PC operating system!"

Sony has WAAAY more assets overall as a company vs MS. Last I checked Sony's total assets were over 230 Billion while MS's were around 73 Billion. But you said "their own PC operating system" and I wish they would. At least it would be RELIABLE and offer more than it's competitor! Especially seeing how the XMB interface won the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for "Outstanding Innovation and Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Best Use of Personal Media Display and Presentation Technology". And if you REALLY want to be technically accurate the XMB is being used in MANY different items ranging from VAIO Laptops & Cameras to HDTV's and high end AV receivers plus Cell Phones! So in a round about way you are actually wrong AGAIN!

"Did you have an Xbox? Doesn't matter."

I have actually had or still own EVERY SINGLE home console system since the mid to late 80's. I am a gamer & I am a collector. Go here to see the list to be proven wrong AGAIN ~

"Only exclusives with big budgets. Most multi-plats are a joke on PS3."

Early on I would agree but now with titles like Bioshock 2, Saboteur, Burnout Paradise, CODMW 1/2 & Dragon Age: Origins (just to name a few) showing how it is either equal on both or better on the PS3 things have been changing...because when Dev's utilize the PS3 properly it disproves your OPINION totally and without equivocation!

"So what else you got?"

Is that all YOU got!? LoL!


Defend your blue ray machine all you want, but
its still in last place.



hahahahha! NOT!

Oner3670d ago

As usual those who really have nothing to say resort to personal insults which actually says a lot about you. No wonder you only have 1 bubble ~ Argue that! Oh you can't...

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movements3671d ago

this is not talking about Xbox 360 against PS3 or Wii,

It's about Xbox and Xbox 360.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3671d ago

I was gonna write the same thing. These guys don't learn! Always jumping into conclusion based on the tittle... L0L

NotSoSilentBob3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

The only thing the 360 has over the Xbox is Sales. Other then that Microsoft should go back to the drawing board and get the reliability and the First party studios that helped keep the company alive during the Xbox 1's release/life.

damn 5 mins and 2 disagrees with stating Microsoft needs to stop cutting checks for timed exclusives and make games.

NotSoSilentBob3670d ago

Well I guess the xbox fans have spoken that they want an unreliable console that has only timed exclusives. Judging from the 13 disagrees with my comment and not 1 person has the balls to try and justify why they disagree.

Mottsy3670d ago

Maybe cos reliability has been solved. Yes my first 360 broke. I called and no questions asked a box with free shipping was delivered. 2 weeks later i had a working 360. Had it for 2 years and play it all the time and has never broken. If you get the red ring for all you un knowing ps3 fans; there customer service is the most hastle free service ive dealt with. And if they handle the problem wouldn't that make them more reliable and dedicated to there customers. Guess what? MS isnt perfect believe it or not there are humans. But the fact they extend the warranty and do there best to fix there mistake then give credit where credit is due. Good Day SIR!

NotSoSilentBob3670d ago

Alright Mottsy Thank you for at least speaking up.

But I think you have some points messed up. If the xbox360 had the failure rating into the industrial standard(3-6%?) How come there are still tons of people posting videos online with most of them having post dates of June09? Yes Microsoft customer service is smooth and easy but that comes because they denied the failure rating when reports first started coming in. They made people buy new systems the first 2 years instead of replacing them with the new warranty that was brought on by the threat of a Class action lawsuit that would have caused the Xbox 360 to be recalled and pulled from the market. It was well documented BY MICROSOFT that they were rushing the product to market and only after the government threatened them did they take action.

movements3671d ago

It's plain ridiculous,

Folks don't read they just see a headline and automatically it's lame or whatever.

We need to start reading before we cast judgement.

Treyb3yond3671d ago

For that exact reaction to get hits.