Ubisoft: New Instalments For Top Franchises More Frequently

CC: Ubisoft have said that they believe they can bring new instalments to their top franchises more frequently in the future.

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SpaceSquirrel3174d ago

I hope this new strategy won't affect the quality in AC3.

mjolliffe3174d ago

If it means more of Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Driver (god forbid the next one does bad), then I'm not complaining.

But before all of that. I WANT I AM ALIVE!

Dutch Boogie3174d ago

Sounds like their taking Activision lessons.

movements3175d ago

Yeah, I don't think that's the way to go at all.

scruffy_bear3174d ago

So they going to milk there Franchises even more, not good

kevco333174d ago

Activision, EA, Ubi... the three stooges.

chak_3174d ago

beyond good & evil 2/3/4 OMG go !!!

that's bad news, milking always sucks.

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