Heavy Rain Gets Amazing Scores-Do They Matter?

RespawnAction: "I for one am a point. I like when developers go out of their way to make something new, especially in an economy where a sequel is sure to sell loads opposed to a new IP. I am not,however, at all interested in the new motion control trend and couldn't really care less. But that is just me. There is a little game coming out soon called Heavy Rain which is one of Sony's big games of this quarter and the game is doing well with the review scores so far. But will the review scores matter?"

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Jamie Foxx3663d ago

Loved the demo can't wait this and gow3

blitz06233663d ago

to me not really. I will still love the game regardless of its meta

Butt Shingles3663d ago

Not trusting any reviews until the embargo has lifted. The only meta scores it has received are from 5 sites, how is that any way amazing?

Call me a pessimist, but I respectfully reserve my judgment of this game based on an accumulative average of sites I know, trust, and have agreed with for the past 8 years.

ReservoirDog3163663d ago

Well, this game's really subjective. But it means the people who were looking forward to it but weren't sure if it would be good in the end (ie me) can know that it's right up our alley.

For people who only like twitch shooters, they'll probably hate this.

But all in all, reviews and liking certain games overall is a person by person thing. Look at Uncharted 2. I loved it (see my bio). But my friend didn't like it (demo) cause she doesn't like 3rd person games. So no matter how good it is, no matter how much quality is put forth, she doesn't like it. I know, I don't really understand it either. But it's the truth.

Amiroo3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

played the demo ! and i guess i need 3 more hands to play this game,and crime scene scenario was a PS2 Graphic

Digitaldude3663d ago

Its a matter of, is the game put well together, the answer is, the rest is how well you appreciate it.

darkmurder3663d ago

Uncharted 2 got amazing, this is just excellent scores so there goes your article.

MazzingerZ3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Great scores will always matter, it gives more sales...there's a limit in how much SONY can keep supporting new ideas.

They matter so games can sell well and gamers can keep getting awesome games rather than GH XXIV or COD 16

Demon's Souls for instance, got great scores but without Gamespot's GOTY 2009 it was destined to be forgotten as part of 2009's great games. The last Gamespot's GOTY are the only ones that have made sense... Super Mario Galaxy, MGS4 and DS. Kuddos to them!

b045913663d ago

scores have never mattered, its only and should only ever be about game play. Ive played hundreds of games that have been reviewed poorly and loved them and visa versa

JD_Shadow3663d ago

Well, that didn't stop anyone from believing the WKC reviews, now DID it?

sikbeta3663d ago

Heavy Rain Gets Amazing Scores-Do They Matter?

Eh...No, but it's useful when some annoying fanboys start to talk [email protected]

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Ninji3663d ago

You should be reading the review, not basing your purchase on numbers. Then again, only a retard would base their purchase only on what number reviews give it without actually reading why they gave it that score to begin with.

-Alpha3663d ago

So many people will look at the number and then judge the game when they should look at the content of the review.

Numbers really do only matter to fanboys who are trying to 1 Up the competition's lineup.

As for HR, the scores are great and they matter because they are indicative to a quality product. Of course it's the actual reviews that matter most when picking up a game since that's what reviews are meant for.

unrealgamer583663d ago

so you know that and yet you still ask “why sony hasn't adverted?”

“This isn't another one of those "Sony isn't advertising X game well" articles, but it still needs to be said.”

lol then you said

“But while it is being praised, it isn't being advertised to anybody and the game may stray too far away from what people want.”

contradictions a h3ll of a thing, isn't it?

not trying to come off as a bungie, just pointing stuff off.

p.s bungie has now become the new phrase for d1ck sucker.

respawnaction3663d ago

You are right, this wasn't the easiest thing for me to portray into writing.
Basically what I am trying to say is that it is kind of an oxymoron, where it could be a lose lose situation. They advertise the game and people may think it is too different from what a game should be. And then they could not advert it and then it doesn't sell well. So I was saying that no matter what and no matter how it is being praised people still may not be into it.
I will click your agree button, just because you did point out my mistakes. :) I hope I made it clearer though.

movements3663d ago

Well in the grand scheme of things they do. But when it comes to buying this game, to me they don't.

cmrbe3663d ago

its hard to use meta or reviews for this game because its a fairly new type of game. Same as Eye pet, Afrika and EOJ. There were no games before them that people or reviewers could use as a measure.

Scores in this case won't matter but rather the actual review for people to see if they would like these new type of games.

Me personally as well like most of you would have bought this game regardless.

ButterToast3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

It's not that new. there was Indigo Prophesy on the PS2 which is the same thing. this is more or less the spiritual successor to IP. and before that there where plenty of point and click adventure games. when it comes down to it Heavy Rain is another point and click adventure with QTE and a large budget. Don't get me wrong, it's one of my most anticipated games this year, but it isn't as new as the media and devs would like to portray.

As for the others you mentioned: eye pet there where games like Dogz and Catz on the PC, EOJ any other card game, and Africa had plenty of other sims and pokemon snap before it.

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