Lens of Truth: Head2Head - Aliens vs. Predator Demo

Lens of Truth writes, "This week the Lens of Truth takes a sneak peak at the Aliens vs. Predator demo for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. We have to admit, considering previous "less than stellar" titles released from Rebellion studios, we were expecting another cookie cutter demo that would guarantee disappointment, but boy were we wrong. The Aliens vs. Predator demo from the get-go exceeded all expectations, so keep reading on to find out which version had us fighting over who gets to play next while the other version left us grinding our teeth in agony waiting for the next match to begin."

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trancefreak3663d ago

Damn your excited You going to the midnight launch for the 360 version?

All I want is bad co 2 for my fps needs until kz3 comes along.

Ill pass on this one i couldnt even find anyone who wanted to play online in the demo.

Major_Tom3663d ago

All I see is the Xbox 360 losing.

lowcarb3663d ago

Typical looking PS3 multiplat.

ThanatosDMC3663d ago

PS3 version looks like crap! I expected too much since i love AVP. Guess, Steam it is.

SaberEdge3663d ago

Good job, Lens of Truth. This is exactly what I saw when I played both versions of the demo. The PS3 version looks noticeably blurrier, has less detailed textures and much more screen tearing. Lens of Truth reports that 23.5% of the PS3 version's frames were torn, as compared to only 2.51% of the 360's frames.

The demo is pretty fun, but I haven't made up my mind whether I want to get it or not.

andron3663d ago

I have yet to get to play a match, it's ridiculous and have put me off the game entirely. Can't really say I care for the graphics any longer...LOL

The Maxx3663d ago

Wow...way to contribute to the discussion. I see your still blind and delusional.

There is no doubt at all that the 360 version looks better. Again this is only from the demo, but if the same dev time is being done on both, then expect the same result in the final product.

Those who disagree probably think the PS3 version then looks better....which would make them delusional as well, thus there disagrees have no merit.

commodore643663d ago

Hey, there is no doubt that the 360 version is sharper and has MUCH less frame tear.

However, this is only the demo.

Maybe they'll get the ps3 version up-to-scratch in time?

mastiffchild3663d ago

I habve to say that there's something up here. I don't dubt the screen tear program they use is right or anything like that but I've seen the game running on bopth platforms and it looked a little better than this on the 360 and a LOT better on the PS3 than this blurry mess. The only difference UI could see when I saw the game in action was that the PS3 seemed a little dark but it was nowhere near this blurry so I'm wondering what's going on. Even as demo footage I've not seen either looks as poor as this so unless there's issues with how LoT are posting their shots today I've got to say I'm confused.

commodore643663d ago

@ mastiff

Dude, you are confused, because you don't want to believe what they are reporting.
Maybe the problem lies with you and not LOT?

Just a thought...

goflyakite3663d ago

Only played one match from the demo, but I don't remember it being blurry. But the demo sucked anyways.

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Bigpappy3664d ago

Could someone explain the tech here? Because I have no idea why the PS3 version is so piss poor in resolution. Is lens of truth lying or do they need to adjust something for full RBG? That comparison make the PS3 version look unplayable. Usually there are some differences that really don't make a difference (BS2), but this would bring tears to my eyes if I had to pay the same as 360 owners for what is a far inferior version. The frame rate also seems slower for PS3. Not good.

IHateYouFanboys3663d ago

the PS3 version looks to be using Quincux Anti-aliasing, blurring the entire screen.

SaberEdge3663d ago

The "vaseline effect" is very common in many PS3 multiplatform games. It most often is the result of lower resolution or Quincunx anti-aliasing. Either way, it looks pretty bad.

hakis863663d ago

and that's why it's way more blurry.
I have the demo on PC and my PS#, and I cannot recall it being THAT blurry.
Bought it for PC though.

sGIBMBR3663d ago

Don't feel hard done by mate, doesn't look that great on 360 either, my high expectations of this game have been let down, quite dramatically... !

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jack_burt0n3664d ago

i would imagine they lost the use of their hdmi ps3 capture cos it looks like component and i know they rely on getting stuff donated to them to test out.

Dieseltown3664d ago

I heard this game was sh!t. Anyone else hear that?

Joe Bomb3664d ago

I think GI gave it a 5.5

evildeli3664d ago

I liked the demo. Most likely gonna pick this game up.

darthv723664d ago

was on the Atari Jaguar.

Nuff said!

ArthurLee3664d ago

The only good game on the Atari Jaguar was AvP.

evildeli3664d ago

I got AVP for the PC(1998 version). I dusted that game off to play again, and the gameplay are almost exactly the same.

ThanatosDMC3663d ago

AVP2 multiplayer was great on the PC. Servers are gone now though unless you install another program.

Arkrite3663d ago

Are you forgetting Tempest 2000?
sh*t hot for the time

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