Area5tv: CO-OP 0314 Reflections 2009: Part 1

Area5 guys and many guests reflect on 2009.

"2009 was a very good year--for video games. While much of the rest of the world is suffering an "economic downturn," to put it politely, the creators of gaming goodness out there haven't seemed to notice. We gather a bunch of CO-OP regulars for a giant, two-parter round table that delves into what was truly an epic year for the greatest medium ever invented by humankind.

Our 2009 retrospective was too big and too long to fit into a single episode, so our crew and friends agreed to hang around for over three hours of filming so that we'd have plenty of time to go into what was such a huge, packed year for gaming."

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Protopet3669d ago

The new live show(CO-OP Live) is awesome!