AATG: Dante's Inferno Review

Visceral Studios sure love living up to their name. Enjoying a semi-successful outing already with the superb Dead Space, the studio next turned their attention to classic literature, Dante Alighieri's epic prose "The Divine Comedy" - a work which weaved a complex and fantastic vision of hell and damnation itself.

Ten seconds into your first platform / acrobatic section in Dante's Inferno - the game, and you'll wonder if Visceral aren't being all post-modern and ironic, because these sections certainly are hellish - but probably not in a way the developers intended.

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Shendow3663d ago

Guess not to many people in joy a GOW rip off? Saying it is like GOW would have maybe help them, but in the end. They had to say it was notthing like GOW.

Its not to bad of a game, but it just feels to much like playing a cheap rip off of GOW.