Analyst: 15-20 Console Games In 2010 To Be In 3D

Is Avatar-style Sterescoppic 3D going to be big in video games? A report in Consumer Electronics Daily finds few video game publishers ready to sound excited about 3D gaming, except Disney, but that doesn't mean there aren't 3D games coming.

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2paclives3659d ago

only on the ps3.....hahaha.

sikbeta3658d ago

Just Give Me KZ2 and GT5 For Now and I'll be So Damn Glad...then Unleash All the 3D Power in My Amazing Games

i_am_interested3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

are we going to see more 3rd party games that run at 640x720 or 1280x360 just to run at 120fps

or are we going to see more 1st party games from sony that run at 1280x720 at 120 fps?

evilmonkey5013658d ago

Ive read,it isn't that spu intensive to run 3d ...they've already done it with gt5 and that runs at 1280X1080.

2paclives3658d ago

i would really want a third motorstorm game in 3-d....epic..