Why Zelda Doesn't Need to Change

Dozens of action games are released every year so. Standing out amongst them can be quite hard, and the same thing can be said for most genres. Zelda, on the other hand, has pretty much been unchallenged ever since the initial release in 1986 (1987 in the U.S.). What genres are the Zelda games? What other games can you compare them to? These questions are hard to answer because every Zelda game contains a near perfect mix of action, exploration, puzzle solving, and even a bit of role-playing.

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Fierce Musashi3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I see lots of people saying how Zelda needs to change so it can be more like this and that. In truth, the formula that Zelda has is truly unique as it is. We are not seeing enough of these types of games like we have from other genres like Action and FPS game, which we always see evey year to the point where it's almost done to death. That's why it doesn't need to change.

Seferoth753662d ago

The only thing I ever see on someone asking Zelda to change is that stupid Zelda site that claims to love the series, they just want it to be Fallout3, or any other game you can think of with less sales and nothing to do with the type of game Zelda is

eagle213663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Something tells me that (air or air travel) will be the new element in the new Wii Zelda. It was hinted by the Zelda director but it seems like a next step and I think it will be awesome. But Motion Plus is a confirmed addition that will be required. I've already read about how the Zelda team says it's perfect 1:1 motion so that's going to be a welcomed addition. As you can tell I'm excited and sorry for rambling on...

MadMan003662d ago

I thought Phantom glass was crap. I wanted it to be like the Original ones like on Gameboy. I hope they keep Golden Sun the same too when it comes to ds.

Trevorthenerd3662d ago

I thought phantom hourglass was crap too but Spirit tracks is way better!

hatchimatchi3662d ago

I actually prefer phantom hourglass over spirit tracks. Spirit Tracks is actually the first zelda that I lost interest in while playing. I'll finish it eventually though.

I don't think Zelda needs to change much. I just want Hyrule to feel more "alive." As much as I love Twilight Princess the castle town was really weak.

I can't wait for E3.