Talk.Co: MAG Review

It does what it says on the tin this one. Meaning a no frills 'Massive Action Game' is exactly what's delivered, with up to 256 future soldiers battling it out exclusively online for the PS3. Think SOCOM Navy Seals on the PS2, then hold tight. The sound of your squad orders will be drowned out in the respawning overload once you're in the thick of the action.

In the near future (as usual) the world is split into three warring private armies. You get to choose to side with one of them, head into a training mode, capture the flag/vehicle (Acquisition), attack/defend an oil refinery (Domination), or choose to ignore the invite to be one of the eight-man squad teams the game divides into and go it gung-ho alone armed with your sniper rifle across the fifteen battle-scarred maps.

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Shendow3669d ago

For the 360 fanboys, waiting to see what they say about this.

Sevir043669d ago

in other news, MAG is awesome