Rumor: Demon's Souls 2 Announcement Incoming

Dengeki is either playing games with our hearts or a big announcement concerning Demon's Souls is possibly coming our way very soon. In the latest Dengeki Games podcast, they hint at a big announcement of an unannounced sequel to a title that was released last year and it'll release this fall. The title is described as very hard and interesting.

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Pennywise3665d ago

Come on... DO NOT play with my emotions.

Cyrax_873665d ago

If it isn't Demon's Souls 2, I'll just die...

Fishy Fingers3665d ago

If it IS Demon Souls you'll probably die... again... and again... ;)

Fox013665d ago

Release the first one in Europe first damn it!

-Alpha3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Man do I feel bad for European players.

You could import it.

Demon's Souls 2 will easily be my GOTY and 2nd most anticipated game if it comes out this fall right behind The Last Guardian.

OMG, I'm freaking out! 2010 would be the best year for me if it's true:

-Halo Reach
-The Last Guardian
-God of War 3
-Bad Company 2
-Demon's Souls 2
-Maybe even Killzone 3


*gasp* You deserve much worse than a slap :P

fishd3665d ago

I have yet to play the first one :'(

Someone slap me in the face please.

Daver3665d ago

Oh yeah!! make it real! cant wait for this!

Fox013665d ago

Sure I could import it, but it'd cost me more than 70€ and I wouldn't be able to play with my buddies. If by the end of May it still isn't out here then I will import the American version.

Hisiru3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I hope so! Demon's souls is one of the best RPGs this generation.

This game really uses your brain and treats you like an adult.

Is it hard? Yes, but that's how it should be.

Add The Agent to your list, isn't it coming this year?

Aquarius3665d ago

still will like to be able to enter the 6th archstone.

xTruthx3665d ago

omg plz let it be truth, I loved this game

Qdog3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

The real Demon's Souls starts here....

Every time I read a message on the ground, it's like opening a fortune cookie.

Chimerhazzard3665d ago

Dude that can't be... I imported the game and it cost me 44 euros, shipping included :\ I beated it and I LOVED IT. And the best is really the multiplayer... it's so awesome! I love to be a Black Phantom hahahah xD

I'm in trouble! - please recommend this message!

sikbeta3665d ago

Just Awesome, Demon's Souls 2, 2 Times More Difficult than the First, It'll be The More Sadistic, Amazing and Epic...I'm all for it

Gamers FTW!!!

Lemmiwinks3665d ago

unless they make the giant world as big as the whole entire demons souls 1....demons souls was fun and really hard, the story was very lacking tho. it just seemed really black and white like good vs evil there were no plot twists or anything. it was kinda like just kill all these bad guys and then the fog will go away then restart and do it how can they make a sequel off that the story isnt complexed at all its very simple....i almost hopes it not a sequel and they just make the giant world really hard and make it DLC, and add voice chat when you summon people cause the text chat for ps3 is censored to the max and its really annoying when it wont let you type things that arent even bad words lol, and maybe a stone that lets you choose to enter anyone of your friends game as either a blue phantom or a red phantom without them suummoning you...IMO dlc first then do a sequel if its possible.....

negroguy3665d ago

let it b true lord! ive put alot of hours of cussing and frustration into the first ready for some more!

Baliw3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

disagree with Fox01 about Demon's Souls not to be yet released in Europe?

Come on, give us a break we want the game in Europe no need for you morons to disagree with the man.

Even I own 4 copies of the game, I will go out and buy another one if so.

Anyway, I HOPE it will be Demon's Souls 2 or 1.5, or whatever DS they want.

legendkilla3665d ago

I cant wait for Demon's Souls 2!!!

kwicksandz3665d ago

maybe they will bother to release the game this time to PAL gamers as well?

FU sony and atlus

ThanatosDMC3665d ago

I want an open world Demon's Souls, random armor and weapons ala Diablo 2 prefix and suffix, more armor sets, lots of bosses that respawn in a in every so many hours or game days, and for Atlus not to change too much of the original names of items, magic, comments, etc.

"This is harsh. Evaluate me." >> "I'm in trouble — please recommend this message"

Keel Smasher >> Dragon Bone Smasher

Plague Babies >> Filthy Ones

They didnt even need to change them but they did anyway. Retarded.

SolidAhmed3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

THE BEST NEWS IN 2010 period

edit:by the way guys i did platinum the us version and i am very close to do the asian version

I WILL BE A HAPPY HAPPY MAN if this is true

JL3665d ago


I don't think that would really rule out a sequel. I mean look back at Super Mario Bros. There was no story to that. It was just "here, run from castle to castle trying to save the princess". Yet he (Mario) became an icon and sequel after sequel was released. I think there's plenty of room for a sequel. Maybe the Old One wakes up again or something simple like that. Then we just start all over again with different territories to fight through. Maybe something involving The Northern Lands and that 6th archstone. The point is there's plenty of room there to make a sequel. While the game didn't really have a storyline that guided you along as you went, there was a story and history to it all that the players understand. The point throughout the game was more about being thrown into the world and the "story" merely being your experience in that world rather than conventional story-telling that you just follow along.

That being said, I'd love a sequel to this game. I'm actually still playing through Demon's Souls. Haven't beat it yet (really close, just going through working on upgrading and farming and leveling up and such before I finish it off), but already I'm definitely sure I'll want more. Here's to hoping it's not too long a wait. My sympathies go out to European gamers who are still waiting (if it will ever make it over there at all).

SaiyanFury3664d ago

I loved Demon's Souls, it was a great game. While I completely welcome a sequel, I'd love to see a new King's Field game. It was one of my favourite series' on the original PS and KF4 on PS2. A sequel would be well accepted by me.

DaTruth3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Finally, something that will make me stop playing Demon's Souls 1! I might be done with it by Fall. Give me the sixth archstone DLC now and I won't need anything else till May 2011!

Might as well not pick up any other games this year! I don't even have a PS3 anymore, I have a Demon's Souls machine!

Tru_Blu3664d ago


You know there is not an invite system or anything right? When you play with people online it's random people within 10 levels of you.

mastiffchild3664d ago

@fox-completely agree. The way they treat us UK and EU gamers is beyond crappy considering we already pay more for everything to start with. When you have to import, as you will cos it won't come, be careful as 've been ripped off twice trying to import this game ansd STILL haven't got a copy. the trouble beghan when Play Asia stopped shipping over here and I had to go to Ebay where a HK bloke first ripped me off and tthen a UK import seller closed on me after taking my cash-and I've heard other people telling how US sites have conned them too over DS.

When I finally get my cash back from the last one I'll try one last tme(someone on N4G is happy to sell me their spare Asian copy once they got a US one)but not to give other language speakers a version even to import is a real crime when you think how well Sony has been supported by the EU this gen compare to the US where they get everything and pay less for it despite having a better average wage than many EU nations. SCEE are sh1t.Why no EU release? Why not?

Ravage273664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

+ confirmation of Arc support.....omg...*faint*

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-Alpha3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

Please let it be true!

I honestly don't know what to say, but my hopes are getting really high!

Maybe he means DLC though for Demon's Souls?

They will be crazy to not make a sequel to Demon's Souls, it's one of the best games of all time!

Oh man, what would I want in a sequel though?? Demon's Souls formula is perfect the way it is!

I don't even think they should add more story in case they ruin it...

Maybe they can put in some more story scenes.

Honestly, I do NOT care if they offer new worlds with the same gameplay and no improvements, I think the game is absolutely fine the way it is and I will totally eat up a sequel.

OMG man, new demon's, new worlds, new characters, new weapons, I'm dying for it!

And this time Sony has to market it, this game needs some well deserved justice by Butler.


You are only getting my hopes up higher

Kain813665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Dengenki speaks about a Sequel, i dont think its a DLC

artsaber3665d ago

I can't remember when I've seen you so excited about the prospect of a new game. I agree with you though. I cannot believe how great and close to perfect (IMO) that Demon Souls was/is. The complete gameplay blend IS a perfect formula for absolute fun. I have never been willing to play through a game on the second playthrough as eager as I was with Demon Souls.

The game is that awesome, and it works as a complete package.

-Alpha3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I have never played a game like Demon's Souls and I never expected to fall in so much love with this game. When I bought this game I was VERY close to selling it on ebay because I wasn't sure if I'd like it but it's a game I truly enjoy unlike nothing other.

And yes, a Demon's Souls 2 does excite the crap out of me because I never expected a sequel. Maybe this whole rumor is not true, in which case I'd be very upset, but the chance that DS2 has the possibility of coming back shoots me to the moon.

And I'm glad somebody agrees with how terrific the core gameplay is.

Demon's Souls was my 2009 GOTY. Many people went with Uncharted 2 but I think Demon's Souls was much deserving because:

-It was far more original
-It was by far a huge gamble of a concept
-It had less to work with and still offered something exceptional
-The gameplay was refreshing (for me) and was much stronger
-It was much more rewarding
-The boss fights were much more thought out
-The atmosphere was much richer

Not saying UC2 was terrible *Puts up flame shield anyway*, it's my runner up, but Demon's Souls is one of those little games with a big heart and From Software made a game that simply deserves the title.

DaTruth3664d ago

I need you to understand this; Demon's Souls is a better game than UC2!

Last time I wrote this, it was a joke at IGN's expense. This time I'm serious!

Ravage273664d ago

i think both games are equally worthy of GoTY (they are tied imo) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with voting for DS.

Demon's Souls may not hook you immediately, and it may not have godly graphics(still good though) but both the gameplay and atmosphere are so unique

AssassinHD3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I honestly have to agree with you there. Demon's Souls is my personal game of the year for 2009. Much respect to Uncharted 2 of course, but Demon's Souls is just so satisfying to play.

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PirateThom3665d ago

I only just got the first game a few days ago! FUUUUUUUUU

Orange3665d ago

make sure to look for special events when they have pure black and pure white world tendencies. it will make your life a lot easier if you're looking to collect all of the trophies.

Chris3993665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )


Please keep the English language track (or subtitles) so that I can import the HK version. Bless.

Just putting it out there, but what would everyone want to see in a sequel?

Edit: Think I'm going to 'approve' this just to watch the carnival :) DS4LIFE!!!

mfwahwah3664d ago

I'd want the sequel to make some minor improvements.

More armor, and make it actually useful for something (shield + rolling is the only defense you need).

More unique weapons and armor never hurts.

Make magic builds more difficult. I found it way too easy compared to playing a physical build.

If a black phantom invades you, and you disconnect, you lose a Soul Level. I'll quote Filthy Man for why I want this: "And those who cling to humanity get hunted down."

Hellsvacancy3665d ago

Im still 2-play the 1st game, i will import it in due time, theres just so many games cummin out over the next few months i dunno where im gonna find the time