Xploder Cheat System Available for Bioshock 2

BeefJack writes: "You know Xploder? The cheat system which allows players to exploit the many weird and wonderful facets of a game? Yup, they've already got Bioshock 2 covered for that. The cheat system will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for £14.99."

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mrwiggles3668d ago


I am definitely not playing first time round with any cheats though!

vhero3668d ago

Its not even a cheat device anymore its now been dumbed down to a save game downloader.

Cyrus3653668d ago

I dunno cheats just ruin the experience for me, i mean if your absolutely stuck, and can't get by, in a scenario where you'd likely never play the game agian, then yeah it's alright to cheat, so you can experience the story more...but anything else....

VladimirK3668d ago

Firstly, I don't want it, I'm really enjoying Bioshock 2 without any cheats.

But how would this work on 360?

If it is saves, like I remember you could get for PS2, wouldn't you just get banned for gamesaving?
And if it's actual cheats, I would have though MS would ban you, maybe even 0 your score since it's an external item. (Even if they wouldn't, wouldn't the thing disable achievements?)

Off topic, is this even really worth being called news though?
Xploder has done hundreds of games before.