GamerPops: MAG Review

GP writes: "I'd like to start off with a quick apology for the semi-lateness of this review. You see, it wouldn't be fair to review MAG without playing extensively in the 256 player battles for which this game is noteworthy. And in order to do that, you have to get to a certain point in the game. And since my skills in this genre are a little rusty, well, it took a while. A long while. Embarrassingly long really. But once I got there, I can fairly say whether MAG deserves a medal of valor or to be put on latrine duty."

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Winter47th3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

"MAG gives you plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more. Whether it’s the visceral thrill of wartime or the pursuit of one more upgrade, there’s some incentive to play just one more round. And because of the squad based gameplay, and the unpredictability of whether your squad will actually function together, any given game is a crap shoot, and no two games play out exactly the same way.

The team system, while plagued by Sony’s inability to get its players actually talking online. The gameplay fundamentals are solid, the battles are epic in scale, and the built-in features for clan and squad building are terrific. The ball is in Sony’s court to ensure that this massive action game doesn’t become a massive failure. And now, if you’ll excuse me, my Raven squadmates require my healing services"



redsquad3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

WTF again!!!
It's like the opposite of that GeOW 2 review which highlighted all the flaws yet gave it a great score. Here we have a 'good' right up, yet a crappy score.

ryuzu3669d ago

Actually N4G has misrepresented the score (there's a surprise - what have we more 360 obsessed idiots looking for cheap thrills?).

That site provides 2 ratings. One is the Gamer score - basically how good a game is, and the other is a Pops score which is an assessment of whether this game is suitable for and enjoyable to younger players.

The gamer score is 80% - this is what they think the game is like overall. The Pops score is 45%, this means they think it is not suitable for children due to its complex gameplay, portrayals of violence and that it is online only (where paedophiles live!).

Yet again, N4G proves to be THE SOURCE of hardcore gaming information - sadly the BS filter is still borked so it has to carefully filtered first :/


onanie3669d ago

It would be good if people would report the article based on the misquoting of the score. At least get it corrected.