Gaming Angels: Bayonetta Review

Gaming Angels writes: "Since getting a first look at the game, I had been itching to play the game further. I'm a big fan of game storylines and Bayonetta definitely does not disappoint. You play as Bayonetta who recently woke from sleeping for 500 years and who is searching for keys to remember her past. Bayonetta has received a lead that a gem she has been searching for, the Right Eye, is in Vigrid a fictional European city. Through the dialogue you learn about the three planes of existence that the people believe in, which are all based on Dante's Divine Comedy: Paradiso (heaven), Purgatorio (purgatory) and Inferno (hell). Bayonetta is able to visit these realms, and even calls up demons from the Inferno who manifest themselves as giant beasts made out of her hair."

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