GamesRadar: Why MAG is better than COD… if you're rubbish at shooters

GamesRadar writes: "Let's get one thing straight right from the off: I'm shit at COD. Oh sure, I've finished both Modern Warfares on Veteran with my sanity and personal hygiene (barely) intact. But pit me against a P90-wielding fourteen-year-old from Arkansas on the land of the interwebs and I absolutely crumble. Want further proof of my sheer shittyness? I had to knock back five cans of the strongest French lager known to man in an effort to sooth my shattered nerves during our 24 hour Modern Warfare 2 marathon."

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raztad3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

The only thing rubbish is this article. Trying too hard to put down the upsides of an incredible experience as MAG. I couldnt imagine how fun it would be getting killed just by a single shoot with so many weapons pointing at you.

Ask COD players playing MAG how painful have been their first 5 hours into the game. Rubbish article is rubbish.

I do agree though, that MAG is much better for people not that skilled. Stick with your squad, provide support and enjoy victory.


As COD is a twitchy game, all it takes is to learn the small maps and have high reflexes. Some auto aim doesnt hurt as well. I'm not here to bash COD though. Each one to his own. I've played games like COD so many times and I just want something fresh. MAGs that it.

ryuzu3662d ago

Well I don't want to give him hits but I think I can guess where this goes from the synopsis and your comment Raztad.

Seems to me in a game like CoD, with small maps and player counts one good player can dominate since one player can kill 8 or even more if he knows the map and the game well. If you're not that player, you get dominated...

In MAG though things are different. You might be uber by yourself and that might see you keep 8 opponents under control in MAG, but with 128 opponents you're still going to end up dead.

In the end, it's the difference between team work and individualism - ultimately 128 great individuals will lose to 128 team workers in MAG.

It's been difficult for me to adjust to SL-ing for my clan. Being an SL means not worrying about your own score or KDR or whatever, and thinking about how best to get the other 7 guys on your team to complete the objectives. 8 guys with guns = better than 1 guy with gun.

Having one guy who is uber is great, but I'd rather have 7 guys who can work together than 7 guys who disappear into the map no matter how good their KDR.


mastiffchild3662d ago

IDK Raztad. Saying MAG is easier for people is plain wrong. If you're good at other shooters it doesn't mean it's going to be a shoo in for you being good at MAG and even LESS so, imo, if you're crap at COD. MAG is, plainly, less of a pick up and play game than practically ANY other console shooter. There's more to learn in MAG and , to me that's all there is tro his "i'm better at MAG cos I'm sh1t at COD" BS argument. Seriously, if you were terrible at COD would you honestly try to pick up how to play MAG? I seriously doubt it even though sticking with your squad is a way to do exactly that there's still actually, more to worry about.

IDK why he wanted to pitch it like this and if he genuinely doesn't jhave any reason to like MAG just blopody say so and stop pretending with ill thought out BS that screams it's lack of honesty right off the screen. Load of sh1te. I've seldom been as angry with an article as this one as it's complete tosh from start to end and

SuperStrokey11233662d ago

It takes different skills rather than better skills (although i like it more but thats just for me). Cant we just stop comparing games and enjoy them based on their own merits?

Morituri3662d ago

He likes MAG. In fact he heaped praises on MAG. I'm a little bit disappointed in all of you boys. For shame.

eraursls843662d ago

MAG looks almost as good as COD if not as good. this guy is an idiot "While it’s true MAG can’t compete with the amazing engine Infinity Ward has built technically" are you kidding? MAG does just as good graphics wise with huge maps and 256 players THATS AN AMAZING ENGINE not some game with decent graphics and 18 players on smaller maps.

I like both, COD MW2 got old quick though, but if you wanna talk graphics with a shooters talk about Killzone 2. If you wanna talk about technically amazing engines talk KZ2 and MAG, not DLC in a box for a 2 year old game that wasn't even "Technically amazing" then.

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