USA Today: 'Dante's Inferno' is sinfully unoriginal

The story stars Dante, a Christian soldier during the Crusades, as he attempts to rescue the soul of his lover Beatrice by descending past the nine circles of Hell for an encounter with the devil himself.

Armed with a scythe swiped from Death, Dante unleashes devastating combo attacks against an unusual array of enemies, such as blade-wielding babies and projectile-vomiting, gluttonous giants. Dante also uses Beatrice's Holy Cross for ranged strikes. Players can use the cross to absolve enemies for souls, which help them bolster the Cross, scythe and magic powers.

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darthv723663d ago

but still FUN to play.

To be fair, there are lots of games that are unoriginal and still worth playing. I'm trying to figure out if it was the media hyping this as a "god of war killer" or the gamers?

TehCell3663d ago

ALL games are unoriginal. This isnt news, just a fanboy whos jelous of a game thats better than GOW3.

GOW 3 isnt original, and there isnt news about that.

3663d ago
TehCell3663d ago

I aint readin that wall of text.

GOW sucks, DI is cool. Get over it. Your as worst as the Halo fanboys.

3663d ago