Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep New Information

The cover/artwork for the KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Ultimania has been revealed, along with information and details about the game and what the Ultimania book offers.

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kalebgray923657d ago

my most anticipated game of the year

Bodyboarder_VGamer3657d ago

It has been so many years since I last played a KH game that I already lost interest in the series... The next console tittle will need to bring many new thing as to blow my mind to actually return to it.

With these many spin-offs making the convoluted story even more convoluted I get headaches. The story in KH doesn't even makes sense anymore. Not even the Metal Gear Solid series has such complicated storyline.

CryWolf3657d ago

Anybody know if their will be a Kingdom Hearts Collection for the PS3 cause I really want to Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories and Kingdom hearts 2 because I never got to play them on PS2.

BenderDGreat823657d ago


Ven73633d ago

kingdom hearts has to be one of the most played games around the world, it has boosted square enix futher than any game company.Thanks to this new kingdom hearts not only will square enix make more money but more fans,gamers,and RPG lovers to.this, like all square enix games,will be a great game. this game has a great story,characters,and and game play.