Uncharted 2 sells 2.5 million

TVGB: "During an interview before the game's release, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' community manager Arne Meyer said that if the sequel manages to do better sales wise than the the first game - which at the time was reported to be around 2.5 million - then they're "set." Mission accomplished, then."

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LumpsRGood3669d ago

Glad to see that a good game is being appreciated by more than just the critics.

Bungie3669d ago

it's my favorite game on my ps3 and i'm happy to see it doing well

but i always thought it sold 3 mill by now !

Troll_Police3669d ago

Yeah, last I checked it was over 3 million. Congrats anyhow.

raztad3669d ago

Does Bungie has a PS3? sounds funny. Anyway. UC2 is awesome and it deserves all the sale it can get. Comparatively it took just a few month for UC2 to reach UC1 lifetime milestone. Not bad at all. Even if compared with L4D2 sales (multiplat) is doing pretty well.

TheBlackSmoke3669d ago

Its over 3 million now, which is phenomenal and a big middle finger to all the haters and uninformed US media. Of course anyone who actually played it knew this game was gonna succeed no matter what.

catguykyou3669d ago

Great game. I never got into the multiplayer though. Just don't care for just felt kinda ...clunky? Just not my thing. Great single player though. Sale should be better. There are more PS3's out there than this. Makes you think that people are buying PS3's for just the blue ray player.

sikbeta3669d ago

I'm sure is more than +2.5m and will sell a lot cuz the Game is Too Awesome, I mean Come on People, UC2 is One of The Best

Gamers FTW!!!

eagle213669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Of course you know PS3 won official Game of The Year last year at AIAS so (Bungie) you can get

TheBlackSmoke3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

That logic is kinda stupid, i could say that about every game that comes out. Even the mighty Halo 3 has sold 10 million out of a 39 million install does that mean the other 3/4 of 360 owners are using their console for netflix?

fishd3669d ago Show
Fox013669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

WTH, the developers of the game themselves said their game has sold 2.5mil and yet you guys act like you know better?

BTW, where are you people getting your numbers from?

Hey fishd I just saw your comment on the original site and seriously dude that's very immature.

SilentNegotiator3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

The last I read it was 3 million.

Parapraxis3669d ago

Fox01...maybe read the article, and the LA Times piece.
"Her most recent game -- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, released in October -- has sold more than 2.5 million units worldwide and garnered 15 nominations for Interactive Achievement Awards, the video game industry's Oscars, the most of any title this year."
This is from the LA Times writer.

solar3669d ago

deserves every sale it gets, should be a lot higher. the game was amazing.

Darkstorn3669d ago

Those are good numbers. I'm still surprised it hasn't sold more, though, considering how accessible Uncharted 2 is for younger gamers. MGS4 is one of the least accessible games on the console yet it's sold twice as much. I suppose that's only because it's been out longer, though.

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FACTUAL evidence3669d ago

Wow! And mass effect was my favorite 360 game in 07! That only sold 2.13 mill and it's been out 3 years! I thought it would have sold 3 million by now, what a shocker!

Cenobia3669d ago Show
N4BmpS3669d ago

Oh okay so Troll_Police said the same thing I'm about to say; I could have sworn U2 sold 2.5 million awhile ago, like back in November. But anyway good job for a second time Naughty Dog I wanna see this title reach ummm 15 million

van-essa3669d ago

Yeah, compare a new IP to one of PS3's most hyped sequel ever.

TheBand1t3668d ago

AHAHAHA! Vanessa, that had to be the dumbest comeback ever.

Mass Effect and Uncharted are BOTH NEW IPs, and Uncharted 1 outsold Mass Effect 1. Your point is rather moot.

Saaking3668d ago

Great Sales for an amazing game.

DaTruth3668d ago

Please give TheBandit your papers; You know, your "OWNERSHIP" papers!!!

Red Panda3668d ago

That warms my little heart. Easily the most impressive game I've ever played.

FACTUAL evidence3668d ago

Yeah.......leave the talking to the big guys. UC1, and ME1 both came out in 07.....oh would you lookie here...and they were BOTH NEW IP'S!

zeeshan3668d ago

It will eventually join the ranks of MGS4, GT4p. I bet GOW3 and GT5 will post the same numbers!

catguykyou3668d ago

No you can't make that same conclusion with the 360 because the 360 isn't the only box you can use to watch netflix. You can use the PS3, wii, or most blue ray player. The PS3, just like the PS2 was one of the first widely spread Next gen movie player. With the best selling games on the PS3 not even meeting half the installed base for PS3, you can only draw the conclusion that most people are using their PS3 for something other than a game system first, and uses it as a game system as its secondary feature. It doesn't mean the PS3 is a bad system. It isn't even a bad thing. Sony has marketed this console as a media center box that can do anything. Microsoft has marketed the 360 as a gaming machine that has app like features. Obviously it cant do everything cause it can't play blue rays. The PS3 is a good blue ray player. I have my 360, ps3 and wii hooked up to my Sony Bravia 52" 1080p 240hz tv with Sony surround sound unit with built in blue ray player. I use my PS3 to watch blue rays over using the built in blue ray player because I like it better.

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Bungie3669d ago

lmao and it's the best ps3 exclusive
flop confirmed

buy your games droids

Sonyslave33669d ago

LOL wasn't suppose to be the best game ever and didn't this game had out of this world hype and it only sold 2.5 million sure Arne Meyer mission accomplished.

I mean left 4 dead 2 a game with no hype at all sold the same amount as the greatest game of all time with out of this world hype.

PimpHandHappy3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Naughty Dog said b4 the game dropped that they wanted to reach 2.5 million in sales.... So for them (the ppl making the money) it was no flop

but hey
its fun to 4get about such things as what the devs want

Left4Dead had plenty of hype fewl. I seen it on TV everyday and even on my drive on billboards

devsgreat3669d ago

now this is a flop...but why? sold more than forza, wich is not a flop, so why is this one a flop and forza isnt? hmmm why?...

damnightmare3669d ago

I think Bungie needs to lose weight.

You see that picture he put up of his sausage fingers?

Tony-A3669d ago

"lmao and it's the best ps3 exclusive
flop confirmed"

Yup, that's GOTY 2009 right there, and it didn't even sell as much as MGS4 (yet, obviously).

Goes to show you that the year's best game didn't have to sell remarkable numbers to get noticed, did it? This is called quality.

You'll get it on your system..... some day.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3669d ago

Well, bungie's basically saying the truth.

The PS3 has a install base of almost 30 million and only 2.5m for the best exclusive game on the platform? That's why we don't have games like L4D and Splinter Cell on the PS3. Too much risk when you can lower development cost by making only one version that will sell like hell.

33.5 million PS3 sold according to:

zenosaga043669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

You realize Uncharted 2's outsold Left 4 Dead 2 right?

And really all you've proved is that PS3 owners have quite different tastes in games. If Uncharted 2 can sell 3 million, and Little Big Planet can sell 3 million in two completely different genres and still sell less than other exclusives like Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid it just shows how healthy and diverse the PS3's top tier titles are

RROD Service_Rep3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

1....God of War III..................PS3.....3 50,809
2....Battlefield: Bad Company 2...PS3.....224,886
3....Battlefield: Bad Company 2...X360....212,080
4....BioShock 2......................X360... .200,291
5....Final Fantasy XIII..............PS3.....162, 594
TOTAL PS3: 738,289
TOTAL 360: 412,371

lol, even in bot stronghold(America) the ps3 has higher preorders.


snubben963669d ago

Ps3 owners buy's the games that they are interested in, all the xbots just runs out and buys every single exlusives on their platform

RROD Service_Rep3669d ago

Its funny that you say buy your games droids.

In the charts that Nintendo released, it shows that ps3 software sales = 360 software sales not including Modern Glitchfare2

you have an install base of more than 10m(in bot's minds)

TheBlackSmoke3669d ago

So according to you..

Mass effect: 2million out of 39 million = flop
fable 2: 3 million out of 39 million = flop
geow2: 6million out of 39 million = flop
Halo3 10 million out of 39 million = flop
Forza 3: 2 million out of 39 million = flop

I would name more but the 360 has no games....

Dtoxz3669d ago

Youre an idiot. Stop trolling the internet. You call yourself a gamer but really you sit on the internet and spam people with ps3 with your bullsh1t.

the WORST kind of fanboy. not just on n4g
heres another site!

you're a moron. you're not a gamer. if you were a gamer, you would see WHY people like the ps3 and its games and not just bash it because you have an xbox.

If the ps3 was that bad nobody would have one.

But we understand your motto: Life's short, troll hard.

The real killer3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

First you type this.......

"it's my favorite game on my ps3 and i'm happy to see it doing well
but i always thought it sold 3 mill by now"

And than this.......

"lmao and it's the best ps3 exclusive
flop confirmed

buy your games droids "

Very childish!! Get a life dude, that's why people give you 54 disagrees little kid.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

According to me is that according to Gabe Newell they make games for X360 because they don't waste time figuring things out because they already know the architecture so that means faster dev time = less money and sell between 2-3 millions.

I'm pretty sure that L4D was cheaper to make than Uncharted 2 and it sold 2.9m compared to 2.5m(Uncharted)with higher budget.

That's my logic. Pretty easy to understand.

onanie3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Ah, the ever moving goalposts of people like bodyboarder. Having used L4D as an example of "successful" sales, and then being duly informed of UC2's sales parity with L4D, he now contemplates "profitability" as his new point of discussion. Sad, isn't it?

I might add that UC2 is Naughty Dog's second iteration of their franchise, and they already had most of their basic tech. So, similarly, UC2 is cheap for Naughty Dog to make too.

Major_Tom3668d ago

Fact: Uncharted 2 > Mass Effect 2

Fact: Mass Effect 2 sold 1.1 million compared to Uncharted 2's 2.5 million

Fact: Xbox 360 owners don't buy games.


Being awarded GOTY is a FLOP?
lol dumbass

Kerrby3668d ago

Uncharted 2 has actually sold 2.8 million copies.

What happened to Forza 3? Didn't that JUST reach 2 million sales?

4point7BillionLoss3668d ago

so the BEST PS3 exclusive is a total flop too ...

Droids ... go an get your teeth whitened before you kill yourselves ....

AssassinHD3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Naughty Dog wanted to hit the 2.5 million mark, and they have. If the developers are happy with the sales, then it is not a flop. Developers, publishers, and stockholders are the only people who should be concerned with sales, and if they are happy, then it really is mission accomplished.

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nogolis3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Game sold 3.1 million... What's this 2.5 junk? The industry is biased towards Ps3 sales data on all fronts. I still have connections and use them frequently... I've got a new site on the way too. This one will be 60% legit, 30% parody and 10% video based.

I know a lot of people didn't understand what we were doing with the VGtilt and a lot of people assumed we were 100% legit, even tho the disclaimer said otherwise. But I hope to regain the same following I had with the Gamesblow parody videos on Youtube and with the tilt itself...

Maybe Gamesblow will come out of hiding again. Isn't E-3 coming up? "ha"

Anyways, back on topic... Uncharted 2 has sold over 3 million units worldwide. Not 2.5.

KingTavy3669d ago

I thought I recognized something about this guys name, just couldnt put my finger on it. So Silogon where ya been at buddy I use to love your comments, they made me lauh.

N4PS3G3669d ago

nope. Straight from the Dog's mouth. 2.5M

Pennywise3669d ago

I see you carrying on about over 3+Mill, but where is your proof?

Nogolis in the mirror spells WHAT? I've only been calling this acct name silogon since he popped up...

nogolis3669d ago

Penny wise, since when did I ever deny I was Silogon? Haven't we had multiple messages about this? I lost the silogon email for the account here. Well, until recently when someone was nice enough to forward it to me. Check my posting history... I've never ran from Silogon. I am Silogon.

And I'm coming back in a big way baby kat get back!

Kain813669d ago

the funny thing is Gamesblow diappears and Silogon appears, than silogon disappears and guess what....yeah Gamesblow appears

nogolis3669d ago

Dude, get off it ... I'm not Gamesblow. Like I said, you might want me to be. but I'm not. I've been very honest with you and that's all I can do. I'm sorry you didn't read the disclaimer on the site. I'm sorry you got burned. I can't change that... What I can change is how I conduct our new site and how we handle things coming in.

Yes, we lied about informaton... We posted false interviews all the time. We made fun of gamesblow and Sony all the time. We went above and beyond to do that and some people, alot of them, got it. We get messages all the time in my e-mail account about coming back and how much people loved our opinion and take on the industry. They don't care about real info or not. They just liked the site cos it was entertaining and it was. I had fun doing it. It got us into E3 and it got us a lot of perks and info and we got to meet people while we were at it. I don't regret the direction I took the site in. Sorry.

Silogon has always been held to a Gamesblow status and that's because I brought it on. I made a youtube account and some videos under Gamesblow's name. I shouldn't have done that, or at bare minimum kept it a secret that it was me. It's hard to distance myself from Gamesblow but if I really wanted to I could have come back to this site under a new name and conformed. I didn't.

I am not Gamesblow. I am Silogon... read my posting history here and you'll see I've never tried to hide that fact.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3669d ago

I know its VGChartz data, which isn't the most reliable of sites, buuuutttttt...
Says Uncharted 2 has 2.8mil sold and Drakes Fortune is at 3.01mil

3669d ago
DaTruth3668d ago

I doubt Silogon is Gamesblow. I knew Nogolis was Silogon even without figuring out the name thing, they just have the3 same writing personality! But Gamesblow doesn't remind me of Silogon at all!

Gamesblow use to rant and rave a lot about him being right and Silogon never seemed to care about that!

Monty_The_Great3668d ago

this is pretty much what has to be hated about this dumb ass site. There are so many fanboys here that it is unbelievable. The PS3 fanboys are much worse than the 360 fanboys (I know i will get mad disagrees for this becuase i called out the dumbass PS3 fanboys) but they are both horrible. The worst part i find about this site is things like this. For instance PS3 fans say "vgcharts is garbage" but when it compliments the PS3, its right. PS3 fans all say that sales dont matter, yet when you hear about a PS3 game doing good, the first thing brought up is sales....Weird

snp3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

nope. Straight from the Dog's mouth. 2.5M

Actually, the straight quote was "more than 2.5m", suggesting in 'excess' of 2.5, not just 2.5. Though how much 'in excess' is anyone's guess. Could be 20k, could be 200k... Doesn't say.

And, you might noticed the date of submission of the article was Jan 20 - three weeks ago. Plus however long before then the actual interview took place (if it was done as a fleelance piece, could be another week or so).

I think it's probably likely closer to 3 million 'at this point in time' than 2.5million, as an accurate statement, though the only absolutely accurate statement is that 'straight from the dogs mouth' it had sold 'more than 2.5 million' as of whenever this interview was conducted/their sales figures counted up to.

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Omega43669d ago

Not bad, seems to be selling at a similar rate as Forza 3 ;)

mastiffchild3669d ago

Not really. You can't compare the two as Uncharted is a VERY western game which won't appeal to the larger PS3 asian userbase as much as a driving game which appeals worldwide so it's doing, relatively, a litttle better imo.

And, anyway, shouldn't F3 be selling even better seeing as it's definitive? Seriously, though, as a fan of the two earlier games the only thing stopping me from buying F3 is their crappy attitude which I felt really showed them up and I wish they'd change back to how they used to be but I've seen no sign of any new found humbleness. I doubt it's hurt their sales any , mind you, as gamers don't seem to care about the periphery when there's a game on offer but it always makes me wonder how they view US if they view their peers so poorly.

Also, Forza came into this generation with a known name and is a further game down the line compared to uncharted so it's very hard to compare the two series-good as they both have been.

TheBlackSmoke3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Uncharted 2: 3.1 million in 4 months - install base 34 million.

Forza 3: 2 million in 4 months - install base "39 million".

not quite...


Forza 3 = Dan greenwalt "Definitive x 1,000,000", "We are better than blah blah"

Uncharted 2 = Speaks for itself.

Ive personally seen adverts for both games but im not going to argue the advertisement ratio between the two as im not in the habit of using anecdotal evidence and pulling numbers out of my arse.

Fox013669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Uncharted 2 = Second coming on Jesus Christ, game of the year, marketed like hell
Forza 3 = sent to die, almost no marketing, "flopza"... and yet

raptorjacob3669d ago

ha, i saw more forza commercials, cars sitting on the side of the road with doors open than i did uncharted 2 commercials. the only one i remember is the girlfriend thinking it was a movie (funny).

Strikepackage Bravo3669d ago

well over 2 million, i think its at around 2.6 mill last I read. Awesome game by the way.

Fox013669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Yea I think Forza 3 is at 3.1 - 3.2 million now.

bjornbear3669d ago

since when do 360 boys bring up Forza 3 in terms of sales? ITS LAUGHABLE

GarandShooter3668d ago

How similar is the rate of GotY awards?

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Sonyslave33669d ago

So droids yall best game ever is selling the same rate as forza 3 yall know flopza so i guess UC2 is Uncharted flop or UC flop.

garos823669d ago

i would be pissed off too if i couldnt play this gem.
its a shame u cant play it so i could blow ur brains out online

RROD Service_Rep3669d ago


ps3 selling more than 360.

360 FLOP!